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ChaosEsque ChaosEsque 10/08/2015 (Thu) 11:51:22 No. 19

ChaosEsque is a mod/standalone/for of Xonotic. It has over 70 weapons,
spell casting, monsters, foliage generation. It has over 100 maps and
thus is called ChaosEsque Anthology (a collection of poems). Over 50 of the
maps were built by one ChaosEsque contributor. Contributors to ChaosEsque
were mapping, 3d modeling, and coding quakeC for Nexuiz years before the
fork to Xonotic: thus ChaosEsque has the right to fork from Xonotic
and bring all the nexuiz maps and players back plus much more.

ChaosEsque also has added various mods of it's own completely: City Generation,
buildable-buildings that can be captured or destroyed,
minecraft style block building, lockable
doors, inventory system, weapon replacement with: spikes, fire, nothing,
spell scrolls, medeval weapons, etc.

ChaosEsque has extended other aspects of the game and other mods:
Tanks, planes, and cars have been added to the vehicle system.
Many types of grenades and mines hav been added to the grenade system.
Many additional monsters have been added to the monster system.

Additionally, ChaosEsque Anthology is a traditional opensource project:
it does not coddle you and doesn't attempt to enforce Social Justice
values. Code in vanilla Xonotic filters out "banned" servers from the
server list you get to view: ChaosEsque disables this code.

ChaosEsque isn't annoying to you, doesn't beg of you to upgrade, doesn't
try to automatically update, and doesn't check a website for the latest
version: such things are security errors (any hacker or govt could replace
such a upgrade file with anything)

Furthurmore ChaosEsque sees value in others: Just as ChaosEsque does not
rip out code others have written because it is "old" (working code is kept,
not endlessly refactored), and maintains a second branch with Div0's bendy
model feature (a feature added the week ChaosEs
ChaosEsque will stay true to DarkPlaces. It is wrong to use someone and then kick
them to the curb as if they had no val

Anonymous 10/08/2015 (Thu) 11:52:20 No. 20
ChaosEsque will stay true to DarkPlaces. It is wrong to use someone and then kick
them to the curb as if they had no value. If one begins a relationship
one should continue in that. Regardless of weather "all" other developers
are snake-in-the-grass scum. ChaosEsque will remain true.


What are your thoughts?

Screenshots: http://www.lgdb.org/node/26891/media
Download: http://sourceforge.net/projects/chaosesqueanthology/files/latest/download

Anonymous 10/08/2015 (Thu) 12:55:37 No. 22
Bros, cmon, play game bros!

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