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Anonymous 11/07/2015 (Sat) 20:42:35 Id:dd03a0 No. 51
If you die during the tutorial messages, the text will get fucked up.
The tutorial messages are slow and can't be advanced forward.
And the directional d-pad could be more intuitive, at first I thought that each gray trace were a direction, since it corresponded to direction on the perspective you use, but instead one has to press on the empty spots, which translate to the actual direction with a 45ยบ difference.
Casual mode is broken, I waited for 16 obstacles and only got the ones where you don't have to move.
And unlocking difficulties is bullshit, not to mention you don't have any indication whatsoever there are difficulties to be unlocked in the first place.

For a moment I thought only casual mode existed and it was broken.

It got better once I unlocked easy mode, though.
There is too much friction between the cube and the walls when you are trying to jump and slide to the hole, I don't know if its intended to make people get the hole right and not just jump like w/e and wait to slide. In general, i'd say the core mechanics are good.
But i'd wish I could just skip to hard mode, it was the most interesting of them all.
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