Anonymous 09/22/2017 (Fri) 15:08:12 Id: 18efde No. 191
Luckily I use an older laptop w/ linux installed. I also have an offline Win XP that I use to rip media with. I don't use "smart phones" or any of that Google crap. I backup all my software that I use to rip media with (like DVD Shrink and Handbreak) so I'm pretty immune to DRM. Also, the key to resisting planned obsolescence is to have backups of everything. Have a backup ISO of your operating system(s), have a backup computer, have backups of your media and software programs, have backup media player(s), etc.

Good example: Not only do I have DVDs to watch, I make sure I have the video files ripped to flashdrives + extra blank DVDs to rip them on encase the originals get scratched. Plus I an extra DVD player sitting in my closet, still in the box.

Google would piss their panties if they found out people have prepared for their cyber-takeover way in advance. I was one who predicted this 15 FUCKING YEARS AGO.