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Anonymous 09/13/2019 (Fri) 21:33:46 Id:1d0372 No. 469
So Endchan is now supposed to be the next 8chan or something...

Already had a false flag hoax shooting tied to it in Norway...
BO arrogantly calls himself AdolfHitler like a megalomaniacal faggot...
BO is also a christcuck and pushes the jewish religion on his board...
And the BO is a boilerplate NatSoc shill, pushing NS and deleting any criticism of NS or Hitler or other Third Reich leaders. He's pushing strongly a messianic, spiritually jewish view of Hitler as some Moshiach.

Any dirt on "AdolfHitler" or Endchan? We should uncover as much as we can before the (((psychopaths))) build it up as the next alternative of 4chan/8chan (and bogeyman for the glazed-over soyim and low IQ low level jews). What I see with Endpol is something very unsavory, like an imageboard answer to WN VBulletins/news aggregators of the past (Shalomfront, Christogenea, VNN, New Saxon, and so on).

And the fact that Endchan is tied in with anime faggotry is also part and parcel with the whole shebang. It's mandatory to shoehorn homophilic ugly cartoons with white nationalist talking points these days.
most likely a chosen
[Citation Needed]
The creator of Endchan is OdiliTime and is friends with the genetic dud and Ronald Watkins.

Also the creator of lynxchan is a degeneratee crossdersser who made various gay sex videos
Gay masturbation, tbh.
we all know you like gay dick
>not liking gay dick
get with the times grandpa


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