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Zionist Internet Memes Anonymous 07/06/2017 (Thu) 20:47:37 Id: 34b78f [Preview] No. 264
Open file ( 45.86 KB 300x300 yoba.png )

I've refined the original thread on Endchan, which has become such a shithole at this point that I seriously think the mod and admin team are all compromised (Ocelotte has expressed pro-pedophilia views).

Basically, many popular internet memes that are used in right-wing circles are actually either straight up zionist creations or were once "legitimate" but have been so heavily bastardized that their usage is mainly employed by shills. If you see posters posting these particular memes, there is a strong chance they are shills (and if they espouse dubious views or opinions in conjunction with these memes, consider them 99.99% likely to be plants).

The zionist memes are:

Pepe the Frog and any variations of (like Kek)

Ebola-chan/Winter-chan/Anything-chan (Ebola is also likely a hoax)

fam, famalam, senpai, desu, salty, take an L, any nigger and weeb speak basically

Based (which is nigger hipster in origin but has taken a life of its own, commonly used for Zionist puppets, such as

"Based Assad", "Based Farage", "Based Marine Le Pen", or (unironically) "Based Putin")

"You have to go back" and anything else Trump related (includes Shadilay, "make x pay for it", etc.)

wtf i hate x now

Shirtgate (and anything with -gate as a suffix, "gate" has a gematria of 33)

Moloch, Baal, etc. (I don't believe in Satanists and think the idea of Luciferians running things is also a kike lie, but I do find "ironic" deity worship annoying and stinking of a psyop)
(possibly) kek (unrelated to frogshit), lel, topkek


"he does it for free"

Tyrone (also known as "Based Tyrone", he is an African man in a business suit who's paid to read stupid Zionist shill memes; he's probably not an agent himself and might not even be aware of the vile origins of what he's reading, but the kikes love to dish him out)

Old memes that should be as dead as over 9000 and O Rly by now: Polandball, Spurdo Sparde, Dolan, Wojak/tfw face, Ragetime variations (these may have been innocent gentile fun memes at first, but they're widely used by the enemy now)

Trollface aka Coolface (IMO the creator of Trollface should be investigated like Matt Furie; though the Zionists don't use Trollface in alt-right circles, Trollface has been used in many other areas and was very popular with teens, newfags, and normals some years ago. The widespread adoption of trollface should thus mark it and its creator for intense scrutiny)

lolcats (same with Trollface, not in the alt-right so much, but it's been adopted everywhere else)

Gondola (spurdo variant that looks strikingly similar to "occult" artwork from Switzerland from over 100 years ago)

dindu (nu/pol/ faggot way of saying nigger)

we wuz kangz, alberto barbarossa (unfunny spamming of idiotic niggers, we know niggers are stupid, we don't need to read about them 100 times every fucking day. Likely has to do with thread spamming and demoralization)

T H I C C (nigger standards of beauty, homosexualization of men via ass-fetishization. The odd spelling with two C's might be to shoehorn in 33 - CC = 33)

it's lit (fam), aside from being more niggerspeak it comes from marijuana suubculture, and it's obvious how heavy the kikes are pushing for everyone to toke a little green so we can all be passive mindless goyim

various mediawhores like Milo Yiannopoulos, Kellyanne Conway, Steven Crowder, etc. and whatever memes spin off from them

bacon, not really a /pol/ meme but the kikes have been shilling it everywhere OL and IRL since Obama was first sworn in

New Balance is the White Man's shoe, something about more trumpkikery nonsense

Anonymous 07/06/2017 (Thu) 21:10:37 Id: 34b78f [Preview] No. 265
Open file ( 12.39 KB 504x566 jew.gif )
Open file ( 320.49 KB 1009x800 mocking you in plain sight.jpg )
Cuckservative, altright creation (MyPostingCareer is still an altright kike site)

(((triple parentheses))) created by TheRightStuff.biz kikes

"Generation Z is the most conservative generation since World War II!!1" Anecdotally false. I don't trust the statistics that "they" publish, but I interact with teenagers on a frequent enough basis to know that they're more awful than we Millennials were as teenagers. Some edgy conservatards who dig pepe memes, but there are far more hard-left types among today's 15-21 year olds than there were of the same age bracket from ten years ago, and no joke, it was easier to say a racist joke in 2007 than it is today. That said, yes, there are more "aware" teenagers/early 20 yos today than there were ten years ago, but that has more to do with the proliferation of conspiracy websites and videos that for some reason are being allowed to stay up and not get immediately pigeonholed or taken offline anymore. There are also more "aware" Millennials now than there were when those same Millennials were teenagers ten or more years ago, also due to the same proliferation of internet conspiracy theories. Same with Gen X and Baby Boomers. (From the original Endchan thread, not necessarily my opinion (though I do see where he's coming from))

Ben Garrison cartoons (the guy is a Trumphumping lolbergtarian shill)

Tay the AI on Twitter, has been accused of having its alt-kike metamorphosis be staged

A Wyatt Mann real name Nick Bougas, married jewess Sandra Weinberg, worked in Hollywood, back making his stupid cartoons that now support Trump and utilize Pepe

Shlomo Bougas's most prolific cartoon character. Used all the time by the enemy now, especially to derail threads and accuse people they don't like of being jews


neon colored "facist" graphics

"fash" for fascism

corporate shilling, like telling everyone to support Wendy's or New Balance because of some aut-kike related controversy

Yoba, the Russian equivalent of Pepe (Yoba is particularly shitty)

anything that attacks Ukrainians and is pro-Russia (like calling Ukrainians pigs or making grotesque graphics about them)

anything pro-Duterte

Referring to oneself as goys (TRS encouraged this)

Redpilled, Bluepilled, Ironpilled, etc. Blackpilled has been getting tossed around a lot lately by the alt-kikes

"Deep state" to excuse Donald Trump's zionism

Awoo/Wolfgirl, pushing bestiality

Fag tolerance

Mindless hatred of women

Playing video games (pushing the manchild epidemic)

Impact font

Anything pro-Orthodox Christianity, which the zionists are pushing hard in the alt-right (probably for Russophilia)
(Actually, they're pushing any sort of Christianity now and are heavily attacking old European heritage and the racialism of whites on 4chan)

Pushing that faggot Richard Spencer

Retarded anime pics, especially smug girl shit

My Little Pony, not so much on 4chan or 8chan, but it exists elsewhere in alt-kike net circles

"Muslims are wayyy worse than Jews, goy". Even if Muslims suck, who brought them (and others) here and is actively inhibiting you from doing anything about it?

"Slide thread", often used to discredit threads that shills don't want up in the first place, like something pointing out Trump's zionist cabinet.

Over-the-top SJW shit like the Bill Nye transgender rap incident, likely a staged conflict to provoke the right.

Anonymous 07/10/2017 (Mon) 14:14:29 Id: 2f0231 [Preview] No. 266
Why would you even ban this kind of a thread? Do you even want your site to grow or is this board compromised as well? Zionist memes are a very real reality.

Anonymous 07/11/2017 (Tue) 20:35:06 Id: 956dd1 [Preview] No. 267
1: it was a joke ban, look at the logs, it only lasted 1 minute.
2:No, I have been very clear from the very beginning that I DO NOT want this site to grow, this is only to show the engine.

Anonymous 07/16/2017 (Sun) 23:11:56 Id: 35fa57 [Preview] No. 268
>I DO NOT want this site to grow
That's too bad, but I understand if you don't wish to deal with potential legal issues.

Do you know of any okay /pol/ or /new/ type boards? Endchan is run by a pedophile admin and its /pol/ board by a pedo-supporting mod (Ocelotte), my opinion is they might down the line try to use it to entrap lurkers and posters on false child pornography charges and get certain users of a certain political persuasion to do many years behind bars. Plus all of the ethnic D&C that is tolerated and subliminally encouraged (like anti-Irish and anti-Scottish disinfo). For all I know Ocelotte could even be the "potato nigger spammer", or at least one of them.

Both 8chans I wouldn't touch with a ten-foot pole. .net is owned by the FBI and .pl is owned by a Polish jew who also supports pedophilia yet cooperates with EU law enforcement. 4chan needless to say is dead and is a Zionist CIA/KGB/Mossad bot post factory with very, very few legitimate users anymore. 32chan has repeatedly gone down and erased its boards, and now its current /pol/ board is run by a "freecher" who has pretty much said upfront in a thread that he is not trustworthy and will backstab you.

So, with that said, any good imageboards you might know of? I have a lot of topics I wish to discuss about the manipulation of the world, from why Zionists are pushing bacon consumption in the MSM and within the hipster community, to why are almost all major tech companies headquartered in the Bay Area when it's a tax hellhole (and SF is the spy capital of the world, ahead of London and Tel Aviv in terms of hidden cameras and microphones per square mile and per 1000 people), to Zionist internet memes and their purpose (a la this thread), to what really may happen after death and what has been hidden from us due to Abrahamic religions, as well as to expose psyops that are being played out on various websites and imageboards.

Anonymous 07/17/2017 (Mon) 18:52:06 Id: c68bc1 [Preview] No. 269

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