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(133.30 KB 1000x446 QanonMkUltraLabRats_.jpg)
Posts deleted from 8-chan with great content SourceX 08/22/2019 (Thu) 02:32:26 Id:bb892a No. 466
Am re-posting material which was deleted from 8-chan in the Cloudflare take-down of that board. I am sure it will be helpful to all.

Prime objective - expose the "Q" anon labrats in the MK-Ultra experiment which was shut-down after followers resorted to eight or so terror attacks...serves them well to have the site shut-down...they were removing all our great material exposing the Kike "Q" anon.
Particularly interesting is a PDF file (this board does not accept the format, after I tried to upload it...will post link later) which exposes the origin of Bitcoin as being built upon the social media code constructed by Leader Technologies.



See the latest Youtube video about this on the AIM channel where Michael McKibben realizes all this info posted four months ago is true and he explains how now he can see that Bitcoin was built upon his social media platform which was stolen by James Chandler, IBM Eclipse, the British, Intel agencies etc... Great material and the gov now owes him trillions for the theft of his invention, which became Facebook.

Hope you enjoy the file and links.
It took Leader a year to realize Source X was right all along.

Here is a more recent post on this:



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