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(345.08 KB 406x599 John_Friend.png)
John T. Earnest partially based off of John Friend Anonymous 04/30/2019 (Tue) 03:31:53 Id:c6383f No. 430
"John T. Earnest" "torched a mosque" in Escondido a month before "shooting up a synagogue" in Poway.

"John Friend" is a "white nationalist" who was a government employee in Escondido before being outed and fired and who lived in Poway.

>Many White Nationalists have questioned how John Friend could live in a very “high rent” area, Poway, Ca and yet maintain financial responsibility for his Non White child and live what appeared to be a life of leisure and have unlimited time for “White activism”.

ZOG is playing more mind games.
Btw does anyone else think that John Friend looks offwhite or even homosexualesque? He even looks like a sim in this photo. Does he even exist in real life?
(179.96 KB 1166x2048 1556474622589.jpg)
The picture speaks for itself, anon.
>(((white))) nationalist
But is John Timothy Earnest even a real person with a real jewish mother or is this itself a red herring to fool people hip to the jewish issue into still believing the synagogue shooting was real?

Btw his middle name is Timothy. A McVeigh reference?


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