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(39.86 KB 480x640 Anonymous Israel.jpg)
Nextchan is another jew operation Anonymous 03/17/2019 (Sun) 05:20:13 Id:80604a No. 419
When people try to expose the Christchurch mosque shootings as a hoax, they are derided by jewish trolls and the board owner of nextpol.


The BO and a global vol encourage the jews in the thread.

So that makes Nextchan yet another jew-owned imageboard.
And that faggot spamming Neinchan everywhere
Are all imageboards jew controlled? I really hope this one isn't.

(btw if you don't want this board to get active, I respect that, I just want it to get out there that Nextchan is compromised since the other sites would delete the message fast)
Nanochan is also jewed. They're heavily shilling the Christchurch shootings as "heroic" there as well, and the admin himself deletes all posts exposing it.
LynxHub is okay because it's more of a vanilla imageboard.
Why is Endchan jewed?
Spacechan.xyz is kike-free
>hosts a board called /cp/ (not even clicking it)
Anyone who doesn't immediately see any red flags in this post in pic related, presumably by BO of endpol AdolfHitler, is completely oblivious to hilling and bullshitting.
(90.30 KB 1550x328 AdolfHitler raises a red flag.png)
Anyone who doesn't immediately see any red flags in this post in pic related, presumably by BO of endpol AdolfHitler, is completely oblivious to shilling and bullshitting.
That is AdolfHitler I believe, however he is not their BO he is a vol, the BO's handle is GC, Adolf owns a lot of other boards on endchan though, /news/ /x/ and a few of the other alternative /pol/ boards that cropped up. The end/pol/ board is really just a circlejerk of 2-3 people. Although I don't know if that guy is Hitler or not because he says he identifies as a zoomer. The guy's given up some personal info in the past, not a lot, and some of his views on things have shown that he's quite the moron and is definitely susceptible to using buzzwords, like boomer and zoomer, even when he doesn't know what they mean.
Related: shills are constantly attaching hero to the same sentence as Brenton Tarrant, even calling him "Hero Brenton Tarrant" on several occasions. Anyone seeking to state how Christchurch was a hoax and how the mosques are Mossad/CIA/whatever fronts is called a Muslim, goatfucker, etc. in typical jewish fashion.
I've learned to not trust online entities naming themselves after historical characters, especially those of Third Reich leaders.
Years ago, after the Breivik psyop, I think it was Fjordman that got outed as a racial jew, and a bunch of online entities on some forums were also outed as Israeli shills. Many of these entities had handles like Joseph de Maistre, Vercingtorix, Richard the Lionheart (lol), and other historically themed usernames.
Same goes for usernames like The Celt, Alemannic, Spartan Warrior, a plethora of Viking names, Erik Thorson, Son of Odin, Wotanswolf, etc. Shills would try to fit in so hard to the point they would stick out like a sore thumb to those hip to the game.

Of course, nowadays they've switched to using faggoty meme-derived usernames (when not anonymous) like based fill-in-the-blank, george_costanza (likely a shill), Warrior of Kekistan, a reference to autism, and even niggerfaggot.
How anyone can still use 8chan is beyond me. If you're not a jew, 90% of posters there want to kill you in the most violent way for being a goy, but they'll never say it outright (usually). Instead they just astroturf for whites to fight muslims and ignore jews.

Always remember that 8chan is a CIA/DoD/Israeli spook operation.
You shouldn't be putting that much trust into websites even if they were from the deepweb, darkweb, or if mewch were to come back, you shouldn't trust this site and board either. You shouldn't be trusting any site, you are not 100% anonymous.
They all should be used for one and one thing only, mainly bunkers or when the next exodus hits on 8chan to what ever chan or board they decide to move next to.
Neinchan has the same problem.

Currently the kikes know that we are abandoning 8ch and switching channels so they are trying to create as many honeypot boards as possible.
These existed before neinchan's existence though.
There is 3chan and most bunkers I've known.
ALso 8chan and 4chan is a honeypot no where is safe mate not even here.
test test test
4kek is seif, i can guarantee it
don't see anything
(49.41 KB 657x588 good news everyone.png)
spacechan is the worst LC instance

Not "exposed", not "abandoned", they need to be taken offline once and for all. They are jewish, anti-white (especially 4chan), and harmful. They promote fake "terror attacks" and "shootings" as real. It is long past time for their use as subversive propaganda and demoralization outlets to be put offline.
gl moving anyone out of there
Considering 4chan utilizes (((Captcha))), IP rangebans, tor ban, and that almost every proxy is banned, who the hell really considers 4chan "anonymous" anymore?

btw why are so many proxies on here considered spam proxies? some of us want anonymity you know
>btw why are so many proxies on here considered spam proxies? some of us want anonymity you know
Because they were caught up on stopforumspam.
Stop using shitty proxies that spammers use and you won't have any issues.
Clearnet: https://libreland.nl/pol/
Tor only: https://my.su/libre-pol

Non-compromised /pol/ (at least to my knowledge). Everyone and everything welcome.

Even lets files be uploaded through Tor. Lynxhub doesn't even allow tor posting allowed.
Why is /pol/ always shoehorned in with pedokikery? (((Who))) benefits by this association? For the record, I consider ANY imageboard that hosts pedo-enabling content, no matter how "legal" it is, to be jew-controlled, given how so many jews are pedophiles/pederasts.

Deal with it.

Besides, what are you doing about the faggots? It's never been easier to hunt them and kill them.

At least when they're open about shit, it's easier to find them, and take care of business.
(341.71 KB 1200x769 1497400633677.jpg)
Endchan is heavyset on pushing one of the two biggest jewish religious psyops in history, Christianity (the other being Islam). The board owner AdolfHitler (spook tier name imo) and other posters are deadset in shoving the semitic religion down everyone's throat just like jews are deadset in shoving the holohoax down peoples' throats. Any criticism of it gets you banned with a rude message from the mod (I don't even want to call him/it by the username he/it goes by) just like any criticism of the holohoax or jews gets you banned and derided with insults on the mainstream internet.

The guy in charge of the place has the stereotypical mod god complex and smells like he came out of Christogenea, Stormfront, Incog Man, Daily Shalomer, and other past and present spook ops.

And ever since 8chan died, Endchan is being picked up as an alternative spot for ex-8channers, even being mentioned in jewsmedia articles on places like Vice.
which board?
The pol board, obviously.
It looks like imkampfy pol.
>Christianity is a jewish psyop
>Christianity names & predicted the kike Rev2:9, 3:9
>Christ's only act of violence was a pogrom
>Pogroms throughout history have been conducted by Christians (not fedora tippers)
>faggot unironically calls the synagogue of satan "jews"
>faggot doesn't know kikes stole the name "jew" like everything else
Tipped your fedora too far there Moshe.
the only thing wrong with xtianity is xtians
what the fuck happened to endchan Pol
installing botnet
fbi got them
>imagine being this much of a tinfoil hatter

The exodus from 8-chan already happened. It was shut down after taken over by the clowns who also own cloudflare.

Q anon was a shadow gov op. Great they took themselves down after the Frankenstein operation went sour.

They deleted a board of mine on endchan for no reason. Much work had been put into it.
I don't know OP https://www.16chan.xyz/pol/ is pretty comfy. All the lefties are drowned out, saved, and reported. The owner does a good job of deleting the kike content.
Whoops meant to say saged
16chan is part of the AltChan psyop (formed September 11, 2019, hmmmm).

663 is allowing trolls and obvious jewish posters pretending to be whites to shit up the board. White Sharia, Pepe the Frog faggotry, Judaism-for-Gentiles, (((Saint Brenton))) and Tranny Tarrant, etc.
He even allows a jewish-looking literal schizophrenic who apologizes for necrophilia and claims that Hitler was a necrophile and a homosexual to make multiple threads on there.

Any info on who exactly 663 is?
>Any info on who exactly 663 is?
why? just don't go there


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