senseless 03/28/2017 (Tue) 05:45:29 No. 9

#install Minimalist CentOS 7
#if on VirtualBox, follow these instructions:
#be sure to select an installation destination and turn on the network interface in the Network and Host Name pane
#also, set up an admin user in the installer gui
#then reboot
#setup the CentOS VM with Bridged Adapter networking
#run ip addr in the vm - after link/ether, then after inet, grab that ip, ignoring the /24 part
#setup WinSCP in Windows to talk to CentOS through that IP
#copy this and the files directory into your home directory in CentOS
#access the website in the browser using the same IP

#Run this before running

#If this file is used later on, the user should update versions for the programs being installed - in particular, Mongo, node, and ffmpeg
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