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(103.47 KB 1280x720 absolutebruh.jpg)
Cat 07/04/2019 (Thu) 01:52:02 Id:c11d93 No. 999
I found two bugs. Please fix these.
1 - Activating role signatures breaks custom flags
2 - Stickied threads on unindexed boards still show up on the overboard.

please fix
1: can you show me?
2: did you also enable the setting to completely hide unindexed boards? I think I made a setting for that.
(1.89 KB 271x33 board owner.PNG)
1 - See image.
2 - Yes. I enabled the setting in which unindexed boards are supposed to be not shown on the overboard.
1-How was the flag broken?
2-I will look into it.
It is not the flag that was selected, it was a flag used for locations in KC.
Oh, that. KC uses a different system for some of their flags, in that case that flag is related itself to the role signature. On lynxchan itself, there is no relation at all between that. I am positive that bug is due to the logic of their addon.


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