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(49.20 KB 350x194 tori.png)
Torilauta (most popular LynxChan instance ever?) Concerned citizen 05/31/2019 (Fri) 15:44:11 Id:ff837f No. 880
Torilauta ("market board") is a Finnish darknet imageboard forked from LynxChan 1.8.0 in November 2017. Stats show nearly 3 million posts, which is quite an accomplishment in less than 2 years especially considering that the population of Finland is only ~5.5 million and posting from abroad is prohibited. The main purpose of Torilauta seems to be selling & buying drugs in F2F (face-to-face) fashion on the streets of major Finland cities (each city having its own subboard).

Any thoughts and feelings? In particular, Stephen do you approve this use of LynxChan? Probably thousands of Finnish kids are addicted to drugs because of the imageboard you have created. Shame on you. Absolute degeneracy.

URL: http://hss33mlbykbsxmug.onion
I have no business with anyone else's servers.
Also, I just wished they would keep their stuff updated, 1.8 is archaic as fuck.
>Shame on you
you should tell that to volvo for any of their driver caused accidents
Might as well blame the guys who wrote Nginx for the silk road.
You were such a fucking humoungous faggot that I decided to erase your deletion password just in case you thought you'd delete your thread. Congratulations, your faggotry will live on eternal as long as this site exists.
Judging by the boards list, it seems its a super active site.
what if it's an elaborate ad
I'd still never pass an opportunity to mock Sweden.
Huh. Seems like a lot of lynxchan sites have this problem. Endchan, this site, ect. Could it perhaps be because YOU BREAK FRONT ENDS WITH EVERY UPDATE?
didnt the feds take down that shit
what prob?
Problem of using outdated Lynxchan installations.
Well, if I don't break compatibility I can't move the project forward. I provide predictable compatibility lifespan and standards along with my own front-end implementations that people can use to base themselves on. The only alternative would be to work under contrived circumstances to ensure backward compatibility for extended periods of time, which would set everything back.
it was sipulilauta


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