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(6.64 KB 250x250 15384333296811s.jpg)
Cat 05/17/2019 (Fri) 05:54:23 Id:2d3c2e No. 795
woohoo 2.2 coming out in one day! get hyped bitches!
what's the proper way to use templates? how to add muh themes in 2.2 ?
What do you mean by how to use templates?
And adding themes is a bit more complicated now. You have to add CSS entries using theme-x where x is the theme code you set on the themes.js file. Look at the theme and how it is registered. Then look at the CSS entries for it.
so i have to add theme_id infront of every element in my css and append them to global.css ?
what about custom board css
were there changes there
No. You only add entries on elements that willbe changed on the theme. For example:

.theme_clear #postingForm th, .theme_clear .modalTableBody th {
background: #dddddd;

All it does is to change the th on elements with id postingForm when they are in a parent with the class .theme_clear. That class theme_X is set by the themes.js code. I strongly recomment you read the source code on themes to understand it better.

but that's what i wrote
You don't put everything on global.css. If something is set on another css, you put there right after the original entry. And is not for every element, just for the ones you want to change on that theme from the original.
penumb 2.2 doubles links on top left of account login page
What do you mean?
can i ask to make the quick reply remember it's previous position? i'd do it for you but idk js
On which site specifically is that happening and on which page?

I think that making it jump to the place where the post is enables people to "unstuck" it. Sometimes due to small screen sizes it might end up with the top bar used to drag it outside the view.
>On which site specifically is that happening and on which page?
i don't remember changing anything, it's 2.2.x
>I think that making it jump to the place where the post is enables people to "unstuck" it. Sometimes due to small screen sizes it might end up with the top bar used to drag it outside the view.
in that case i suggest making it optional in settings > other, because what usually happens is you click on a post number to reply and the qr is 50 or 80% submerged so you have to drag it every time for posts close to the bottom
.theme_clear .modalDecorationPanel

is space just for human readability in this?
No, the space is necessary.
It's something that you changed.
my mistake, login to about
Nothing here.
clear theme doesn't apply also
idk if you get any idea later, i tried git and the tar archive, diff folders a few times
Whoever migrated that front-end forgot to remove the innerhtml from those links. So first it shows the text on the innerhtml and then the text through css on ::after.
Also, make sure -r was ran after upgrading, because some pages are cached in disk, like login.
Also, that front-end didn't add the themeLoader script that actually applies the selected theme, it shows on the console.
no migration, copy
> -r
i think that did it, thx
one nice thing about the new theme thing is that there is no 'flash' now
That was the whole point of the refactor of the themes script.
when you follow quote links [forward] and you go back, the screen doesn't go back to the previous post/s
board description should be optional
on boards page, overboard text is missing; but that gives an idea if width gets too small, to switch the top header to icons only [no text]
Do you have an overboard set? That link and the link to sfw overboardar are removed when they aren't set.
>if width gets too small, to switch the top header to icons only [no text]
Also, that is already the case.
yes, you can see it here too

Everything seems fine. Did you refresh your cache on the browser?
so it's supposed to be like this
you should make the side catalog button also close it, cos the X can't be seen if you open it, and it's more lazy on desktop cos then you don't have scroll all the way back up
Aaaah yeah, I missed that for some reason.
I'll look into it. In the future, post a picture, I'm having issues understanding you.
Fixed on master, lynxhub and 2.2.x branches.

It is entirely disabled on mobile. At worst if your screen reduces in size after the initial loading it will be a bit inconsistent, but I am yet to hear from someone having that issue.
watched thread entry is empty if op starts with a url or a greentext
hypothetically if someone did want (You)s could it be on his side like an extension or custom js in settings
Will look into it.

It would be easier to add to the front-end js.
Fixed on lynxhub, master, 2.2 and 2.1 branches.
> Worker 1 booted at
2.2.1 doesn't boot
What is happening?
i launch boot.js and that usual 'worker' output doesn't show up, top shows only one node
How long are you waiting?
how long do i have to wait
Usually it's less than 5 seconds, but sometimes the engine has to do some stuff and might take a little longer. Also, the default tor exit node list is down today, so you'd have to wait for that to timeout and then the engine would stop booting.

throw error;

Error: connect ETIMEDOUT
at TCPConnectWrap.afterConnect [as oncomplete] (net.js:1097:14)

is that it? and it exits
nvm, copied torips
2.2.1 uses just 50mb; does memory use increase over time or use?
Yeah, that was it. Also yes, that is an option. Another option is changing the tor exit node list to something else, there are alternatives out there.

* `torSource`: url to the list of TOR exit nodes ips. Defaults to `https://check.torproject.org/exit-addresses`.
No, but concurrent users might increase it. Also, the cache will use memory, but it should prune itself hourly to drop cached pages that are not being accessed.
Also, core count affects ram usage.
nvm just had to comment 2 lines
> Extension used for thumbnails (Will make all gif thumbs do not animate):
> Extension used for thumbnails (Will not animate gif thumbs):
better si
not really sure but it looks like jpg thumbnails of gifs don't show up on the front page
>open qr
>type something
>put the text cursor at the beginning (top left)
>click some other post's number
>quote link goes at the end (bottom right)
code tag seems to truncate new lines
it has been there
Show me.
empty lines here was the issue
weird, ok then
btw, on that post code tags were not used.
ye, i tried a few times and didn't use them at the end
doesn't look like the /src/
2.2.1 borked too, did mongo dieded?
switched to my prev 2.2.1 dir
2.2.2 fugged somehow
nvm, my bad, on latest update, missed to remove a bracket
notice me senpai
i had 'Max message length' set to 2000, did a long post and didn't get a pop up saying it was too long, what happened was the text was cut with the extra characters removed
this does not happen if that setting is left empty
Wait, can you tell me more? You do get a popup if you don't set a different limit?
either there was no pop up or i didn't notice it
Were you using js?
Which site was that? Because I couldn't reproduce on penumbra's master branch.
i can't rep either, weird
text was 2015 char, it was op
dunno if already mentioned somewhere but one annoying thing is quote links are always added at the end in the post box, instead of where the cursor is
have you seen how 4chanX does it's post preview
feature request

add option to auto spoiler thumbnails of images [and videos?] posted via tor
+allow tor per board; in case a shitposter goes full retard, and tor access is turned off globally but allowed on a dedicated board
the issue with tor posting is posting files that can compromise the site. If you turn off tor posting in a specific board, they post on a different board to get the site taken down.
support webp?
and total posters count in a thread
mimetypes list is default
file request size is 5
or it's some server error(?)
Yes, some server error. See connection log on the browser to see what happened.
found it
link doesn't work
/t/ was moved to /g/
the rules link needs to be updated when you enter moderate thread
are hidden boards supposed to show up in the overboard?
the not sfw one
I remember making a setting to prevent that, but someone said it isn't working and I haven't looked it up yet.
don't worry i fixed it
this again
try to resize the QR in chromium
>click Reply to enter bred
>hit space to go down
>nothing happens
moved this thread some time ago and some of the back quotes still point to /t/ so no post preview pops up on hover, what do?
Did you change the css too?
You could manually edit the quotes if you really want to.
idk i usually try not to change yours and just add mine to overwrite it
The problem is that the fix to the code tags ended up requiring the css to change something for whitespaces too.
overall my opinion is that its better without them however they could come in handy in some fringe cases
In infinitychan you can filter by ID which mods can see ragrdless of whether IDs are enabled for th board or not. Could a filter by ID or IP when you click on the arrow be added to lynxchan?
I didn't get what you meant.
(7.38 KB 634x119 filter.png)
Does this help?
Mods can already id users by their ip or at least hashed ip. How different is that from it?
Well there is no way of hiding all posts by an ip, only individual posts so it's more a convenience thing I guess. The hashes are also kinda difficult to parse for humans, especially without ctr+f, so it would be nice if IDs could always be enabled for mods, it’s not like it would expose more info.
I get it now. First, filtering is a front-end feature and this would imply a back-end implementation. Second, this is not a moderation feature, but would be only available to moderators. I don't think I would implement it.
It would be available to anyone where IDs are enabled like on this board. For example on 8/v anyone could do it
Ok, I agree that filtering by id could be enabled to everyone on boards that allow ids. That would be a front-end feature very feasible. Giving ids for mods to see would be a different issue.
Nice, but I don't see why the latter it needs a back-end change. Mods can already see hashed ips/octets and highlighting all the occurrences with ctr-f already gives sort of soft-ids. The ip hashes are actually more revealing as they are "ids" that persist across threads, technically the filter could directly use the ip hashes.
Because they are hashed according to a salt unique to the thread. And the front-end couldn't do it without knowing the salt. So the only way to add this id would be to implement on the back-end.
I guess that makes sense as there are not that many ips overall. Could the front end not filter by the salted and hashed ip though even if it worked only within that thread?
Sure, the FE could filter by ip in any form. But then it would have to request the json version of the mod.js page, or just work in that page. And by that point we are talking about an awful lot of work for a feature that will be used by a negligible share of users.


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