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Cat 03/25/2019 (Mon) 12:06:13 Id:fc63df No. 754
not sure if there's a general suggestions thread but

one of the only real feature I prefer on vichan over lynx is the fact that you can paste a picture from your clipboard into the post. it seems to work on some modern social media shit. it can save a lot of time for the user but not sure if that would jibe with what you're trying to do or if it would be a priority.
No, it's cool to make suggestions thread.
I believe that is a front-end feature, which isn't included on the engine. But I will keep it in mind for penumbra.
Btw, what do you mean paste a picture from your clipboard? An existing file or something else? Because the drag and drop I implemented seems to work the same as the drag and drop on 8ch for pasting a file from the file system.
Honey & Templates++ creates support for this
>Installation video tutorial
it's dead
ahh okay

as for what it is if you right click an image in your browser, it usually has an option to copy an image, or if you're in gimp or whatever you can ctrl+c and copy an image to your clipboard.

When you're in the reply box in vichan and you hit ctrl+v it will put that image into the files thing as clipboardimage.png.
I see.
idk if it's a feature or a mistake but if you press enter you post your Reply [meaning can't new line]

affects only the reply box on the top of the page, quick reply is ok
Ah yeah, you are right. I was confused by that the other day but didn't pick it up. I'll fix it real quick, I know what it is.
Alright, fixed on 2.1, master and lynxhub branches.


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