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2.2 Lou Skunt 03/16/2019 (Sat) 01:58:25 Id:c34afd No. 745
Will lynxchan ver 2.2 render penumbra useless?
Much on the contrary, 2.2 will install penumbra as the default front-end from the setup script.

Why do you ask?
I asked because penumbra looks like shit on mobile phones. People use browsers from mobile phones. I was hoping that someone would make a decent front end. Thousands of people go to stupid php boards on mobile phones each hour like 4chan. But hey, let's fucking ignore the world trend of people using mobile to browse.
Oah, and your efforts to block people are so fucking stupid. Hey, dipshit. It is impossible to block people from a forum. Your time would be better spent learning some manners or making lynxchan moblile capable. Fucking douchebag.

Oah, and use ssl on this shitty site. Who would trust code from a jackass who is too fucking stupid to use a basic security measure like ssl. You OBVIOUSLY have no respect for other people's security. Fucking faggot douchebag.
If you want to submit patches to make penumbra work better on mobile, you are welcome.

This site is not meant to be heavily used. Feel free to stop posting here and instead use some other means of communication, like irc or e-mail.
>phone poster woes
who cares


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