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I.C.U.P Cat 01/24/2019 (Thu) 16:18:17 Id:2341d0 No. 693
Lets talk about IP's. Okay so where the fuck on lynxchan do you see someone's ip? Even logged in as root, i never see my ip or any posters ip. I notice settings about ip, but never seen an ip.
never mind I got it, thanks
Jesus Christ, Penumbra is awesome. I overlooked how deep some of the features go. Is there any way to have the youtube vids open so people so not have to click on "embed" and they can instantly see what the videos are? Thanks
I will keep that in mind if more people feel like it would be better.
>>697 Like there is some great advantage to making people click on the embed link to see what the video title is? People learn to NEVER click on links for no reason as it could be something malicious. It would be so nice to see what the video is about without having to click in the embed link. Any kind of thumbnail would be cool so people have some idea of what the video is.
>>697 also why are you so quick to discontinue the placeholder FE? The default is great for smaller sites or sites with lots of text. You should keep it going and as an option for people instead of totally getting rid of it.
Because practically no one uses it and the work required to maintain it started to become more significiant. 90% of people pick up penumbra, so I decided to focus on a project that has much more relevance. Also mind you, I wasn't quick to discontinue it. This fe has been going on for over 3 years now.
It makes pages cleaner.
i suggest fetching the title name instead [optionally]


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