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Cat 01/22/2019 (Tue) 11:52:31 Id:3f60c4 No. 682
I use https://indiachan.com/ front end, it is quite cool. For some reason, on my site the "latest posts" feature shows only the post, like >>b/10 but it does not show the first few words of the post. Does anyone know why this is? THanks
You should ask the developer of their fe.
>>684 Meh...the so called "developers" just kind of hack your fe and some shit works and some does not.
Is there any way to manually pin a post? Like even if I had to edit files directly? Indiachan just kind of changed your fe around a bit, there is a lot of shit that does not work at ALL LIKE SITE MODERATION. I bet it could be manually done though.
Yes. You go to "moderate thread" for these features. penumbra offers js alternatives that do not require to browse to that page.
>>686 can you pls say the link to type in browser to get there? Im using indiachan and everything is broken there is never a "moderate thread"
This would be the link for this thread, for example.
It is created by the back-end, so if it's missing, someone on the FE is missing.
>>689 cool, thanks! Oah and stop banning me im always on a vpn you dill weed...and all i have to do is set the vpn to another country and i can post again lol


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