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fucking ssl Cat 01/21/2019 (Mon) 20:28:02 Id:c34f0e No. 676
So i have lynx on a bare ubuntu server. How the fuck do i get ssl? do i temporarily install apache, run letsencrypt, then delete Apache or something?
That depends if you want to run it under a webserver. If so, you need to keep it. Otherwise, you will have to set up in a way where the ssl files are in the documented place (see src/be/readme.md) and restart the engine after updating these files.
>>677 So i take it not installing nginx or apache would be best... so how does one get the files needed, in order to put the to put the files in the directory as it says in src/be/readme.md ??
That is up to whatever system you are using. Lynxchan just reads them.
Also, if you are clueless about what you are doing, maybe using a webserver to handle ssl is for the best.
HOW do i use a webserver??? When i put apache on the ubuntu install with lynxchan installed, it goes to the apache page. DO i have to move the lynxchan to the apache directory var/www/html/ or something?
I don't know, I don't use webservers.
>>683 yeah, fuck it, its a pain to set up a nginx reverse proxy or some bullshit like that. I guess I will try to find a company and buy the stupid ssl cert instead of using letsencrypt, maybe if I buy one at least I should get the files needed and try using the built in ssl? If anyone did this pls let me know. One super easy way is to use cloudflare.,..one can set up lynx, then put the site on a cloudflare cdn---even the free version of the cloudflare cdn lets you enable ssl from the user to the cloudflare cdn… so even if one does not have ssl at all on your server, it looks like you do and https works with cloudflare cdn, even the free one. No setup of the ssl, no bullshit, its easy to do.


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