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bcrypt Cat 09/20/2018 (Thu) 20:57:58 Id:4fb3fc No. 586
hi! Every time i do the install script, it gives an error that the bcrypt git repo isn't even there. Your install script is calling for version 1 of bcrypt, and when one does npm install bcrypt you can see that bcrypt is version 3 now, AND 1 has a wrap around security issue. Can you pls update the install script to call the right version of bcrypt? It shits out like 30 bcrypt warnings and errors, and it says the git address where the script is tryig to get bcrypt from does not even exitst. thanks!!
bcrypt has been removed entirely on 2.1. And if npm fucked it up it's on their part.
Also, I just managed to install bcrypt 1.0.x just fine with npm install, I don't know about what 30 errors you are talking about.

npm install

> bcrypt@1.0.3 install /home/stephen/node_modules/bcrypt
> node-pre-gyp install --fallback-to-build

[bcrypt] Success: "/home/stephen/node_modules/bcrypt/lib/binding/bcrypt_lib.node" is installed via remote
npm notice created a lockfile as package-lock.json. You should commit this file.
added 107 packages from 98 contributors and audited 252 packages in 6.088s
found 0 vulnerabilities
i get errors too every time that original poster that you were a dick to in your reply was right. I will send you a pic in a couple days of the errors, as i will reinstall just so i can show you that you are being a dick to that unknown amazingly smart and correct original poster. lol
to quote --- "bcrypt has been removed entirely on 2.1. And if npm fucked it up it's on their part." oah really? That's funny cuz i get bcrypt errors when i instal 2.11 and it sure the fuck looks like bcrypt is there, tough guy.
2.11 doesn't exist.
(96.09 KB 1581x975 Untitled.png)
okay here is is, can you pls look at this and see whats wrong? There is a lot of shit under it too but i figured the start of the errors should say whats wrong. Thanks
(105.91 KB 1762x976 Untitled.png)
Page 2 of the errors... i wasn't being a dick when i said there are like 30 errors, there are about 4 pages of them
(20.38 KB 1597x289 Untitled.png)
Oah it was only 3 pages , sorry . here is the last part of the errors, kind of interesting it says maybe something is wrong with npm?
>>594 ahh ur right, it is 2.0.11 that i have, not 2.11
>>591 not really, there is nothing good out there that works with 2.0.11 -- but the placeholder is fucking awesome, it's fast, looks good and seems reliable as hell. I really like the placeholder, it is perfection. I wish the placeholder could show youtube videos then i wouldn't even use another front end.
What node version you have? How many different installs did you do?
(49.91 KB 988x512 Untitled.png)
>>601 node version 10.11.0 (see pic) ubuntu 18, digital ocean server, i did about 7 different installs each from scratch when i was learning how to set up lynxchan, and every time i got the bcrypt error when doing the setup.sh. You see, what i do is then try npm install bcrypt and it puts 3.0 on there (see pic) but even when i do that and supposedly bcrypt 3.o is on there, when i run setup.sh i still get the errors about bcrypt. I tried every variable i could think of. Im new to node.. so i dont even know if the error matters. Thanks
The readme says to use node 8 for 2.0.
Also, delete /usr/local/lib/node_modules before doing a new install and make sure you the c++ compiler from gcc, usually is g++ or gcc-c++.
Btw, from bcrypt's readme:
node 10 doesn't work with any bcrypt version before 3.
>>603 >>602 Okay,thanks. Whenever i reinstall i completely have the server start from scratch. Digital Ocean is awesome, you hit destroy server but then scroll way down it gives the option of setting the image back to original- so its a complete fresh reinstall. Looks like i am not using the right versions, im jumping too far ahead in the node version. Seems to work tho! Im new to lynxchan, slowly learning all about it.
The most valuable skill you can have is to read the documentation.
>>605 right on the git main page it says use version 10.x of node it did not say use version 8
Of the master branch. On the 2.0.x branch it says 8.


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