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error i get with rebuild Cat 09/20/2018 (Thu) 00:09:32 Id: eb30d3 No. 579
Open file ( 17.63 KB 974x254 Untitled.png )
i have ubuntu 18 i never got this issue before, now i get it every single time when i do lynxchan --rebuild -r Does anyone know what this error means? Thanks.

Cat 09/20/2018 (Thu) 01:03:02 Id: dfea0c No. 580
Oh yeah, that's due to a change on 2.0. Now the cache lives on the engine's ram and is reloaded through the unix socket. So what happens when you try to use rebuild when booting is that it won't have a socket to connect to.

At the same time, you don't need to rebuild most pages when you reboot, because all the cache was trashed when the engine stopped. Only files that are uploaded to mongo are kept through reboots, like the default thumbs and full static pages, like the 404 and maintenance.

Cat 09/20/2018 (Thu) 03:41:39 Id: eb30d3 No. 582
>>580 cool thanks!

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