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cookie problems with Lynxchan Cat 09/19/2018 (Wed) 19:39:46 Id:584018 No. 572
So i have this problem of being kicked off of boards and it makes me sign back in. Like my own board, i sign in and sometimes it just kicks me off and i have to log into my account again. I made a board at mewch.net , and had the same problem. I got to thinking, since i post on multiple lynxchan boards, do they all use the same cookie name? Im thinking that maybe the cookies conflict with each other and it kicks me off from being signed in so it makes me sign in again?
Is not a conflict.
Also, did you ask for your login to be remembered? Are you trying to access authenticated pages directly?
>>573 there is some type of conflict or problem, trust me. And yes, i clicked on remember me. I get kicked off my own board and even mewch.net - i made a board at mewch.net and every time i hit submit when making the board, it kicked me off so i had to sign in and try again, it eventually worked. So you can deny that there are problems but without question, there are email issues and account issues in lynxchan. To verify this i installed forum software ...guess what? The emails worked fine in the forum and staying in my account worked fine in the forum. No new back end stuff was added. I used node.bb forum software. So clearly, it is not me, it is not digital ocean- it is lynxchan. Dont get me wrong i love lynxchan but since account creation emails and ability to login and stay logged in does not work at all reliably... well, deny deny deny all you want but you are wrong. Now, in your defense you do recommend centos, but ubuntu 18 is just as good and far better in fact. HoWEVER to be fair to you, the one variable i did not try yet is using centos instead of ubuntu.
Tell me EXACTLY everything you did that led you to think you were logged out.
>>575 Like on Mewch.net, i tried to make a board, i entered all the data i needed, then hit create board. It logged me off. I had to go to account/sign in again. I'n not stupid, it is easy to see if you click on account either it lets you in or requires sign in. On my own board, i go to account, and it shows me as being logged out. I have to sign in and then it lets me see the things i should after clocking on account. I'm not stupid, it is not my fault. It is a constant problem, i have 4 browsers and it happens on each one. And the email thing... ive never seen it actually work on any lynxchan site.
I literally went to mewch, logged in, put the board uri, name and description and filled the captcha.
Hit create board and it work perfectly.

It's something on your end or you are not telling me the full story.

How did you reached the form to create a board? Did you click on the button, did you press enter? What pages did you visit and what tabs did you open between logging in and trying to create the board?
well, if you are sure that there is no conflict... it must be something on my end. I try ipconfig /flushdns a lot, if no one else has the issue i may just say fuck it and re install windows. So thanks 4 the help but i guess just disregard, it will take me a while to reinstall everything and see if i still have issues with being logged out.
I don't think it's something on your system, I think it's something you are doing. And I am sure there is no conflict because browsers keep site data isolated from each other.

Can you imagine the chaos it would be if every site shared local data? Nothing would work at all.


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