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LynxChan 1.7 StephenLynx##xS3ESC 09/21/2016 (Wed) 17:02:44 Id: 057304 No. 324
Open file ( 40.06 KB 660x418 1.7Logo.png )
For a while, the mod tools have been rightfully criticized on LynxChan. I have always put mods behind users and admins and it showed.

But now with 1.7 I looked into changing that. This version brings several improvements to moderation:

Better report queue
Now reports display the reported content, removing the need for mods to open the page to see what has been reported. But in some cases they won't even have to open the page, because now you have the option to automatically delete the reported content when you close it's report.
Along with that, two other lesser changes were made to the report queue; the link to visualize the post takes you to the moderation page and you can close multiple reports at once.
Reports are deleted when their reported content is deleted, removing cluster.

More moderation tools
Deletion by IP have been implement for board staff too, so they are able to deal with spam better without relying on the global staff.
Narrow range ips have been implemented, allowing for range bans to use 3/4 of the ip instead of 1/2, giving moderation more control over range bans.

Moderation quality of life
To make bans easier, now ban duration defaults to 5 years and global staff are not required to use the captcha for applying bans anymore.
Integration with the stopforumstam.org database filters a good portion of spam before it is even posted.
Bans no longer require an explicit expiration date, now you indicate a duration in days, months, days, hours and minutes, using any combination of units.

But not only moderation tools have been improved. A number of details have been changed for users too:
Links to download files with their original name now use the "download" property of the link tag, allowing them to just click on the link to download it and save bandwidth if they had already opened the file.
Extensions have been re-introduced to files.
Deletion now tells the user how many threads and posts have been deleted instead of just giving back a success message.
Ids have their background colored.
New threads only give a response after their page have been created, eliminating the 404 after creating a thread.
Added a thread creation form to the catalog.
TOR posting settings have been changed, allowing site admins to require only TOR users to use the block bypass while allowing them to post files.

And some general improvements were made to site administration features:
Added a setting that control the maximum length of posted messages.
Board owners can turn their boards into textboards.
Now its possible to tell the engine to use ffmpeg to generate gif thumbnails for improved performance at the cost of quality.
Flags now have a class added to it when they are location flags, allowing custom board css to make specific changes to specific location flags.
Added a feature that allows to configure how long ips are stored on the posts.
HTML generation optimized with individual HTML caches.
Captchas no longer require a temporary file written to disk.
Temporary directory is now created automatically if possible.

This update will enter beta on October first and will be released 45 days later.

Cat 09/21/2016 (Wed) 20:04:22 Id: cd9c36 No. 325
fix your css you lazy fuck

Cat 09/21/2016 (Wed) 20:31:42 Id: 057304 No. 327
Use someone else's front-end.

Cat 09/22/2016 (Thu) 18:10:44 Id: 7fe7b4 No. 328
tfw this board has already gone to shit.

HEY CAT FAGGOT 𝅘𝅥𝅮 09/24/2016 (Sat) 23:21:06 Id: 46ef5b No. 329
your css looks like web 1.0 garbo

your smug posts on 8ch are obnoxious as fuck

slanderous comment about your datastore even though pages load instantly

nobody wants to touch this site

Don't change. It's been years since I've seen an imageboard with so few idiots. Nextchan couldn't even keep its shit together for 24 hours.

Cat 10/02/2016 (Sun) 18:14:21 Id: 9a54bd No. 330
An imageboard is 99% frontend, you dumbfuck NodeJS pajeet.
>durr le high speed storing fucking most basic of post requests with text and sometimes pictures.

Cat Board owner 10/02/2016 (Sun) 22:44:56 Id: 329900 No. 331
If that was true, then 8ch would have been using infinity next for almost a year now.

Cat Board owner 10/02/2016 (Sun) 22:48:08 Id: 329900 No. 332
But ok, if you are on par with a woman that would fry her brain to get a pretty hair, I am working on a better front-end:

StephenLynx##xS3ESC 10/04/2016 (Tue) 17:38:23 Id: 25eed8 No. 333
New board list on the penumbra lynx.

Cat 10/04/2016 (Tue) 19:13:02 Id: 5159e7 No. 334
hi guys nice ad on 76chan you made me come here

StephenLynx##xS3ESC 10/04/2016 (Tue) 19:28:19 Id: 25eed8 No. 335

StephenLynx##xS3ESC 10/04/2016 (Tue) 23:50:58 Id: 690254 No. 336
Implemented youtube embedding on penumbra lynx.

Cat 10/05/2016 (Wed) 03:14:37 Id: 653eef No. 337
also from 76chan
nice place you have here
keep an eye out for communities attempting to flee 8chan on the eve of 4chan collapsing
if you can acquire a stable community of autists this place would really take off

StephenLynx##xS3ESC 10/05/2016 (Wed) 16:22:59 Id: 25eed8 No. 338
I don't intend to have an active chan.
This site is only so people can see the engine and I will shut it down once the engine is widespread.

Cat 10/06/2016 (Thu) 06:35:48 Id: 653eef No. 339
>not wanting a chan so you could be a mod god

Pagao##Z5fzRt 10/06/2016 (Thu) 19:00:16 Id: 07a8a7 No. 341
Open file ( 265.32 KB 1354x643 hellchan.png )
Almost finished, then we will have another instance of LynxChan online. Thanks to Stephen Lynx.

Cat 10/06/2016 (Thu) 23:27:02 Id: 56c613 No. 342

StephenLynx##MJ9/ri 10/07/2016 (Fri) 21:34:58 Id: e7ff40 No. 343
Disregard everything I suck cocks

Cat 10/09/2016 (Sun) 17:16:55 Id: 22cc61 No. 346
Added thread watching.

Cat 10/16/2016 (Sun) 21:47:31 Id: dc3462 No. 347
Implemented file hiding.

Cat 11/23/2016 (Wed) 22:15:30 Id: 2ccafb No. 363
Good to see that you are still alive.

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