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Cat 09/18/2019 (Wed) 08:29:51 Id:859d28 No. 1394
errors/bugs report

new watcher.js breaks shit (loading other threads from the side list, very slow)
That change have zero impact on that aspect, it's an entirely visual change. Can you describe the issue better?
click another thread from the side catalog
op image changes but no text
text and replies show up after some waiting like 10 or 20s or more
i generally try to stay close to penumbra fe
I can't reproduce. Everything changes instantly. Can you show me a video of it happening on this site?
it doesn't happen here, i tried
Then the bug isn't on my repository tbh.
...could have my browser
is penumbra and the fork you're using here the same?
If it were your browser then it would happen here too.

This site is only using the branch "lynxhub", which only changes a bit of html and css around, the js is exactly the same as the latest stable branch. Currently being 2.2.x
nvm it's fine you can delid this bred
yep i think i got it, my mistake with download link
always check your downlaods
spoilers show on front page

what do
check this out when you wake up >>>/test/166
flood detection applies to 'delete post'
>>1494 Intended behavior.
no <br>
>>1531 div { word-wrap: break-word; }
No <br> in JSON's markdown. LF replaced by space.
>>1537 What do you mean?
>>1538 Line break symbols are not replaced with <br> tags in json api. Before : \r\n -> \r<br> Now : \r\n -> \r\n
>>1534 should i use this or wait for fe update
>>1543 Intended behavior. >>1545 What FE update?
>>1546 that may fix the subject


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