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Cat 07/22/2019 (Mon) 21:04:46 Id:e234d1 No. 1050
Mobile format crashes when attempting to upload files, plus posts don't display dates or times.
What do you mean by "crashes"? I had someone else reporting this, couldn't reproduce with an actual mobile device and the guy didn't say what he meant by crashing.
> don't display dates or times.
Intentional to spare space.
"Crashes" in that when a file is selected for uploading, in this case on an iPad, the web page blanks out and the browser (Safari) automatically refreshes the page, resulting in no file being uploaded and the loss of whatever text was typed in the message box.

I don't know if that's the case with all mobile devices or inherent in the mobile format of the site, but it is on the iPad with Safari.

On an unrelated note, and this might only concern proxies, sometimes the block bypass fails to show up, even on desktop computers. Sometimes a bypass shows up but submitting it results in "Connection failed.". These proxies work fine on other sites.
>Intentional to spare space.
That's inconvenient to those who wish to know how fresh a thread or post is. Couldn't there be an option, like an arrow, that displays more data about the post, including date and time?
The issue seens to be safari in that case. Report the bug to apple.

About the proxies, there is nothing special to them, the issue is with the proxy.
You have to disable JavaScript in order to post on any Lynxchan imageboard.
Imagine being this much of an arrogant faggot to think it's a third party's fault your code isn't compatible with theirs.
>You have to disable JavaScript in order to post on any Lynxchan imageboard.
Absolutely false.

>it's a third party's fault your code isn't compatible with theirs.
Sure, because apple's pajeets sure are an impecable standard of quality, amirite? The same guys that made a calculator that couldn't sum numbers properly. This is why everyone uses safari, amirite?


edge: 9 bugs
firefox: 8 bugs
chrome: 9 bugs
safari: 19 bugs


So yeah, you can shove your soyPhone up your ass, apple faggot.
just use ViChan or NPFchan
Stay mad, bloobla.
>Vichan is still accepting patches, but there is at the moment no active development besides fixing security problems and other serious bugs as they emerge. Given the lack of active development, we strongly urge you to consider other imageboard packages. It is the opinion of the vichan development team that no new vichan imageboards should be deployed, and other imageboard packages, such as lynxchan, used instead.


Mobile posting works great on it though :)
Mobile works fine on lynxchan when you use a browser that works.
>>1105 Yes, according to the current maintainer fred brennan aka 8chan-admin-gone-sjw who now advocates against imageboards. NPFChan is a maintained vichan fork.

Lynxchan is definitely a good option though, provided you keep it updated.
Still trash. You can see that from the very installation guide:

>Run install.php. You will encounter an error. You should probably read my upstream bug report at https://github.com/vichan-devel/vichan/issues/229 for details. In addition to this error, you will get another error later on related to tables not existing. To get around this, you need to make sure that inc/instance-config.php has your database details defined, and you need to run the following scripts:

>run 4 separate scripts

Then another gem when things go wrong:

>White page of death
>Make sure you installed the dependencies listed in README.MD, and restart php-fpm.
Because who needs tools to diagnose issues, amirite?

>vichan is still beta software -- there are bound to be bugs. If you find a bug, please report it.
>As it stands NPFchan has no public support system.

>Fork of a fork of a fork
>lord knows how long the project has been developed, probably a decade by now
>5 major releases

Bonus meme: the link to the "Configuration basics" lead to a page for you to actually create it.

I expected nothing and I'm still disappointed. Anyone still doing anything related to vichan is a clueless brainlet.
I also love how they kept documentation on a separate repository because fuck you, you are not getting the instruction manual along with the tool.


And by the way, do they still make you edit PHP files to change """"SETTINGS"""" like a shit flinging ape?
Yes it has bugs, but do you not read your own board? Lynxchan has bugs, has no tests, and you pretend all the while that it is bulletproof? Yeah right.

And editing a php file for settings? Probably for comments, which JSON does not have. Maybe both of you could benefit by using YAML. Lets not forget the way lynxchan handles configuration: when you change settings, it saves the JSON to disk and uses IPC to tell workers to reload it. Is that really some revolutionary system? No, so dont pretend it is.
>Lynxchan has bugs
Name one.

>for comments
>what is documentation?

>Lets not forget the way lynxchan handles configuration
No, but at least it has a fucking GUI for doing so. And you are right, is nothing revolutionary, vichan is just below any minimum acceptable standard.


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