Cat 12/27/2017 (Wed) 10:44:02 Id: 892edf No. 492
1: the title of the site is set on the global settings, the title of individual pages is set on the language pack.
2: after editing a template, you have to reload the RAM cache of the template. You have a few options for that: A: run lynxchan with -fd so it will reload that cache everytime it is used B: run lynxchan -nd adding a rebuild command, they can be found on src/be/readme. This will rebuild the completed page that used the template.
3: you have to set the overboard uri and the option to show recent posts on the front-page on the global settings. To edit global settings, login as root and click the link on the global management page. You can also edit the settings json manually, but that won't trigger some required actions on the engine after certain settings change and is prone to error.