Cat 11/27/2017 (Mon) 17:42:40 Id: 1796cc No. 485
It's an alternative to needing to have captcha enabled constantly, as with the block bypass. You can make your registered users lives a lot more pleasant by not requiring them to fill out a captcha constantly. Someone starts spamming? Then you turn the registration off, and the posting experience remains the same for everyone currently registered. Plus you can manually let people in. It's another way to prevent spam, without the need for captcha.

>But I really fell like this would give a bad rep to the software, by attaching e-mails to posting at all.
It shouldn't; People who choose not to use instances which decide to take this approach to combating spam only need to use another instance. It's comparable to saying "I hate vichan... It makes me use a tripcode to post!" [Because the rules of the website require you to do so]

It doesn't behave like a forum either, it only adds a registration system and a new set of permissions. If it behaved like a forum, you would have things like persistent post count, world-readable post history, a reputation system, persistent nicknames forced, not an option. This takes only one thing from forums: Requirement for registration. Everything else is in the hands of the instance.