THE SOLUTION TO THE SPAMMING QUESTION Cat 11/27/2017 (Mon) 05:42:18 Id: 1796cc No. 483
Idea: Registration system. You may think it sounds basic, but it offers a heck of lot of ways to deal with spamming.

For one, it means one can't just pop open a script to flood your site anymore. It adds another layer of authenticity. They need to create a script which can get them multiple e-mail accounts - we can also ratelimit those registrations. More details below.

Generally, the registration system should not exist for the purpose of identifiability on the boards. A tripcode already fulfills this purpose. Although, using a LynxChan extension, we could easily add support for certain flair similar to's since4pass feature, but that is for another thread. The registration system should serve as an anti-spam mechanism.

The registration system should work like this:
-On the frontend, a notice for users that they require an account is displayed if the registration system is turned on. They are forwarded to login.html and told to register or login. They register, verify their email, and then they login.

Now here is where we get into even more security:
-The administrator should be able to restrict what e-mails can be used for registration. We could limit them to,,, protonmail,ch, and If any of these domains become troublesome, they can be omitted.
-The registration should be restricted by the StopForumSpam database, just as with MyBB.
-Registrations should be able to be ratelimited. If the maximum daily registrations have been exceeded, tell the user. Staff should be able to make these user accounts as they already can do via the Global Management panel.
-Not really required: One can also turn on a mode where all registrations need to be approved by an administrator or moderator. Also known as the "vBulletin hell"

Let me know your thoughts and if this is something that sounds appealing to (You)