Cat 11/08/2017 (Wed) 11:33:49 Id: 2695a7 No. 481
I will absolutely not add integration with any external system.

As to react and other bullshit framework, those are just front-end implementations. They have no relation at all to the engine.

I have no idea what you meant by
>But instead
Is it catalog search? Because that's a front-end feature and penumbralynx already have it.

>But instead
There is already multi-board and it works exactly like that. Endchan have it enabled.

>Ebook, torrent and other file sharing (for /pol/ and /tech/)
Sites can already allow any mimetype they want.

>GET checker display board (for /sp/)
>In-post commands for games like parliament simulator
>Automatic banning in certain conditions (for puzzles)
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