Cat 08/31/2017 (Thu) 03:14:59 Id: d5841e No. 470
>The pop up with info and shortcuts seens interesting. But I really don't dig working on front-end features.
Oh, that's cool. I'm not really competent enough to do any front-end development, otherwise I'd start working on this myself.

Penumberalynx is pretty nice but I'm not fond of the cyber theme that comes with it. I'm looking for something that looks like a standard Yotsuba B / Tomorrow board but has the features that vichan does.

>Interesting, but I wouln't make a separate feature.
I would instead make reports made by janitors to be displayed with some kind of highlight.

Sounds like pretty much the same thing. I like this.

>Already done and removed. Not much purpose and didn't play well with the file deduplication.

I mean, it's only useful on semi-fast imageboards or imageboards that want their content to stay around in an archived state for a short period of time. It could also serve as a decent anti-spam measure.
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