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Just dropping some front-end / back-end feature suggestions I'd love to see.

Reports should be easily accessible by janitors, moderators, and administrators. Why not have a JavaScript widget similar to 4chan's thread watcher? It allows for janitors, moderators, etc to quickly and easily address reports inline.

Ban requests: On large-scale imageboards, where we can hope LynxChan to be eventually destroyed, you'll eventually need to hire janitors that you can't really trust. For this, I propose a ban requesting system that janitors can use to request for a user to be banned based on a post that they made. This BR would be sent over to the moderators and displayed in-line in the widget.

Viewing reports: Allocate reports to a catalog
Reports could be displayed in a catalog. Many imageboard users are used to using a catalog interface to view posts, so putting reports in a catalog would make the moderation experience more comfortable for new moderators.

Archive: In-line archive that expires after a set period of time. Like 4chan's internal archives.

Restorable deletes: Don't trust janitors to permanently delete content; hide it from the users and only allow the moderators to permanently delete them. Prevents abuse by untrusted rogue janitors. Perhaps make this a configurable option, so for example a role of root could only permanently delete content.

Live-posting: Like meguca, odilitime has already started working on this with his project called megud.

I took these ideas out of multiple imageboard softwares that exist, hopefully they will all eventually exist in a single imageboard software.
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