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(31.14 KB 1562x369 Untitled.png)
bcrypt 2 Cat 09/22/2018 (Sat) 00:40:19 Id:3a6b83 No. 615 [Reply]
Hi, just thought i would show you this. I used the right version of node this time so it didnt give me all the errors, but it still gives a warning that anything under bcrypt 2.0 has a wrap around bug? Just thought i would show you this. Thanks
I know that.

Cat 09/22/2018 (Sat) 00:17:36 Id:282e0f No. 613 [Reply]
hi, one last stupid question then i will try irc lke you said for other questions. So to get LynxChan, i used git clone https://gitgud.io/LynxChan/LynxChan.git but that gives 2.0.11 so i went and looked around and see that 2.0.x is at the git directory

but what do i run to get the 2.0.x version and not the 2.0.11 version? Thanks so much for answering all the questions.
so i did

git clone https://gitgud.io/LynxChan/LynxChan.git

it worked, but to make sure, is that the right one??? Thanks
disregard this thread, i got it now, thanks

version control Cat 09/21/2018 (Fri) 19:09:25 Id:963e0b No. 608 [Reply]
sorry 4 the dumb question, im new. So really, people are not supposed to use version 2 and up? That's what ive been doing with node 10. So i notice the latest "stable" is 1.9.13 -- so that version is really what im supposed to be using? I notice that one says to stick to node 8.
also, so i installed LynxChan 2.0.11 and i notice i can never see the ip's of anyone and the reporting function did not work at all. Is that because it is development mode? It is confusing, i see other people online run LynxChan version 2 and above, so thats what i thought ppl are supposed to use.
The latest stable is 2.0. 2.1 is the unstable on master. You are supposed to be using either 1.9 or 2.0. Preferably 2.0. You have those issues with 2.0.11 because of some other issue. Im running 2.0 here and I can see any ip if it's there and I can report just fine.
>>611 ok, thanks! i did not realize that.

bcrypt Cat 09/20/2018 (Thu) 20:57:58 Id:4fb3fc No. 586 [Reply]
hi! Every time i do the install script, it gives an error that the bcrypt git repo isn't even there. Your install script is calling for version 1 of bcrypt, and when one does npm install bcrypt you can see that bcrypt is version 3 now, AND 1 has a wrap around security issue. Can you pls update the install script to call the right version of bcrypt? It shits out like 30 bcrypt warnings and errors, and it says the git address where the script is tryig to get bcrypt from does not even exitst. thanks!!
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Btw, from bcrypt's readme:
node 10 doesn't work with any bcrypt version before 3.
>>603 >>602 Okay,thanks. Whenever i reinstall i completely have the server start from scratch. Digital Ocean is awesome, you hit destroy server but then scroll way down it gives the option of setting the image back to original- so its a complete fresh reinstall. Looks like i am not using the right versions, im jumping too far ahead in the node version. Seems to work tho! Im new to lynxchan, slowly learning all about it.
The most valuable skill you can have is to read the documentation.
>>605 right on the git main page it says use version 10.x of node it did not say use version 8
Of the master branch. On the 2.0.x branch it says 8.

suggestion???? Cat 09/20/2018 (Thu) 20:05:07 Id:66b2aa No. 584 [Reply]
Hi! you know on top where it lists the board in red? How about you make that a clickable link in reply mode, so when one posts and they are returned to the thread they just made in reply mode, it is easy to get back to the main board index?? Just an idea for you.
There's already a link for that, it's the "return" on the placeholder FE, I already explained to you on some other thread.
oah by the auto refresh. Why don't ya make it harder to find, it only took me 3 weeks to find it. lol
Front-end issue. The placeholder FE is just a placeholder. Its literally just a relative link to the previous directory.

add ons 09/20/2018 (Thu) 20:50:47 Id:ad8322 No. 585 [Reply]
Hi! Do any of your add ons work for the latest ver of LynxChan?

For the stable version, most do.
For the development version, I can't tell.

(17.63 KB 974x254 Untitled.png)
error i get with rebuild Cat 09/20/2018 (Thu) 00:09:32 Id:eb30d3 No. 579 [Reply]
i have ubuntu 18 i never got this issue before, now i get it every single time when i do lynxchan --rebuild -r Does anyone know what this error means? Thanks.
Oh yeah, that's due to a change on 2.0. Now the cache lives on the engine's ram and is reloaded through the unix socket. So what happens when you try to use rebuild when booting is that it won't have a socket to connect to.

At the same time, you don't need to rebuild most pages when you reboot, because all the cache was trashed when the engine stopped. Only files that are uploaded to mongo are kept through reboots, like the default thumbs and full static pages, like the 404 and maintenance.
>>580 cool thanks!

cookie problems with Lynxchan Cat 09/19/2018 (Wed) 19:39:46 Id:584018 No. 572 [Reply]
So i have this problem of being kicked off of boards and it makes me sign back in. Like my own board, i sign in and sometimes it just kicks me off and i have to log into my account again. I made a board at mewch.net , and had the same problem. I got to thinking, since i post on multiple lynxchan boards, do they all use the same cookie name? Im thinking that maybe the cookies conflict with each other and it kicks me off from being signed in so it makes me sign in again?
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Tell me EXACTLY everything you did that led you to think you were logged out.
>>575 Like on Mewch.net, i tried to make a board, i entered all the data i needed, then hit create board. It logged me off. I had to go to account/sign in again. I'n not stupid, it is easy to see if you click on account either it lets you in or requires sign in. On my own board, i go to account, and it shows me as being logged out. I have to sign in and then it lets me see the things i should after clocking on account. I'm not stupid, it is not my fault. It is a constant problem, i have 4 browsers and it happens on each one. And the email thing... ive never seen it actually work on any lynxchan site.
I literally went to mewch, logged in, put the board uri, name and description and filled the captcha.
Hit create board and it work perfectly.

It's something on your end or you are not telling me the full story.

How did you reached the form to create a board? Did you click on the button, did you press enter? What pages did you visit and what tabs did you open between logging in and trying to create the board?
well, if you are sure that there is no conflict... it must be something on my end. I try ipconfig /flushdns a lot, if no one else has the issue i may just say fuck it and re install windows. So thanks 4 the help but i guess just disregard, it will take me a while to reinstall everything and see if i still have issues with being logged out.
I don't think it's something on your system, I think it's something you are doing. And I am sure there is no conflict because browsers keep site data isolated from each other.

Can you imagine the chaos it would be if every site shared local data? Nothing would work at all.

Cat 09/19/2018 (Wed) 08:42:57 Id:28f05d No. 569 [Reply]
Congratulations... you are promoting child porn by listing waifuist.pro that site has pics of 8 to 10 year old girls. That's just wrong.
Take it to their host.
>>570 well, the little girls aren't naked, but it is clear that all the pics of 8 year olds are for ppl to fap to. Chans should draw the line somewhere. Promoting exploitation of young children is absurd... posting a link to it isn't the brightest thing to do. Free speech is good of course, but Strephenlynx is free to not post a link that glorifies child porn. Whatever, I saw the issue and I spoke up about it.

wanted from mewch! Cat 09/19/2018 (Wed) 03:56:22 Id:571cef No. 568 [Reply]
Anyone have a decent yotsuba css like on https://mewch.net/ ? that is awesome go to settings /styling / yotsuba and you can see what i mean i want it!


no cookies?