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(65.25 KB 250x146 1.png)
2.2 Lou Skunt 03/16/2019 (Sat) 01:58:25 Id:c34afd No. 745 [Reply]
Will lynxchan ver 2.2 render penumbra useless?
Much on the contrary, 2.2 will install penumbra as the default front-end from the setup script.

Why do you ask?
I asked because penumbra looks like shit on mobile phones. People use browsers from mobile phones. I was hoping that someone would make a decent front end. Thousands of people go to stupid php boards on mobile phones each hour like 4chan. But hey, let's fucking ignore the world trend of people using mobile to browse.
Oah, and your efforts to block people are so fucking stupid. Hey, dipshit. It is impossible to block people from a forum. Your time would be better spent learning some manners or making lynxchan moblile capable. Fucking douchebag.

Oah, and use ssl on this shitty site. Who would trust code from a jackass who is too fucking stupid to use a basic security measure like ssl. You OBVIOUSLY have no respect for other people's security. Fucking faggot douchebag.
If you want to submit patches to make penumbra work better on mobile, you are welcome.

This site is not meant to be heavily used. Feel free to stop posting here and instead use some other means of communication, like irc or e-mail.
>phone poster woes
who cares

Cat 03/04/2019 (Mon) 19:20:19 Id:a1051e No. 742 [Reply]
>[477] #lynxchan, You need to login to services to join or speak in that channel.
But no surprise there
It was to prevent spammers before they pick up for good again.

ssl Cat 02/07/2019 (Thu) 07:48:51 Id:7bebf6 No. 711 [Reply]
So I got a ssl cert from godaddy. I put the two .ssl files in the src/be directory. I enabled ssl via admin panel and it is set to "1" in the general json I get the following error when starting lynxchan and ssl does not work. Is there another step or something im missing?

>>>Failed to listen to HTTPS.
Error: error:0906D06C:PEM routines:PEM_read_bio:no start line
at Object.createSecureContext (_tls_common.js:113:17)
at Server (_tls_wrap.js:870:27)
at new Server (https.js:62:14)
at Object.createServer (https.js:85:10)
at startSSL (/root/LynxChan/src/be/workerBoot.js:91:35)
at startListening (/root/LynxChan/src/be/workerBoot.js:148:5)
at dbBooted (/root/LynxChan/src/be/workerBoot.js:213:7)
at preIndexSet (/root/LynxChan/src/be/db.js:826:5)
at initBoardIndexedCollections (/root/LynxChan/src/be/db.js:842:3)
at initGlobalIndexedCollections (/root/LynxChan/src/be/db.js:858:3)
Worker 2 booted at Thu, 07 Feb 2019 07:41:23 GMT
Failed to listen to HTTPS.

Message too long. Click here to view full text.

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(37.69 KB 530x325 cc.jpg)
>>716 You ALWAYS have an excuse or rude comment for everything that you do wrong but are too stupid to fix. There is a reason that lynxchan did not amount to anything... mostly because you are a fucking idiot. Lynxchan is not secure, has a shitty front end that no one uses, and all the lynxchan boards have no
real website or users. MEWCH was the only good lynxchan board and that failed because of the horrible security flaws. Lynxchan is a joke made to fool stupid people who are not aware of security.
Mewch didn't fail due to security flaws. It didn't fail whatsoever. Any rumor you hear about mewch is simply untrue.
ok dude
bad anime girl, bad
>It didn't fail whatsoever
Is that why it doesn't exist anymore? Lol

Cat 02/05/2019 (Tue) 02:53:16 Id:165e20 No. 709 [Reply]
What theme should I install?
whatever you like.

(72.81 KB 600x752 5.gif)
Cat 01/24/2019 (Thu) 16:44:26 Id:11834c No. 695 [Reply]
I like this placeholder fe- it is fast, looks nice, and is awesome. It just needs youtube support. Is there any way possible to have a youtube video show in a post? Even if i had to hard code it...that would be fine. It would be nice to be able to show a youtube video in a post. Thanks.
never mind, thanks
oah shit wait disregard the never mind, I forgot this question was about the default front end
Yeah, you could implement it, but the default FE has been discontinued.

(200.19 KB 476x640 1342226218199.png)
Cat 12/31/2018 (Mon) 17:19:28 Id:4300f5 No. 653 [Reply]
>install lynxchan in a test environemnt
>works fine
>try it in production
>suddenly get 404 errors on api calls
>isolate it to the api js files returning 404s
>wonder for two whole days how you managed to fuck up the install
>turns out they're not in the git anymore
Yeah, versions are important lmao

Cat 01/22/2019 (Tue) 11:52:31 Id:3f60c4 No. 682 [Reply]
I use https://indiachan.com/ front end, it is quite cool. For some reason, on my site the "latest posts" feature shows only the post, like >>b/10 but it does not show the first few words of the post. Does anyone know why this is? THanks
2 posts omitted.
Is there any way to manually pin a post? Like even if I had to edit files directly? Indiachan just kind of changed your fe around a bit, there is a lot of shit that does not work at ALL LIKE SITE MODERATION. I bet it could be manually done though.
Yes. You go to "moderate thread" for these features. penumbra offers js alternatives that do not require to browse to that page.
>>686 can you pls say the link to type in browser to get there? Im using indiachan and everything is broken there is never a "moderate thread"
This would be the link for this thread, for example.
It is created by the back-end, so if it's missing, someone on the FE is missing.
>>689 cool, thanks! Oah and stop banning me im always on a vpn you dill weed...and all i have to do is set the vpn to another country and i can post again lol

Cat 01/23/2019 (Wed) 19:40:33 Id:60ab04 No. 690 [Reply]
ad 4usa.org to the chans pls. its lynxchan and indiachan front end.

fucking ssl Cat 01/21/2019 (Mon) 20:28:02 Id:c34f0e No. 676 [Reply]
So i have lynx on a bare ubuntu server. How the fuck do i get ssl? do i temporarily install apache, run letsencrypt, then delete Apache or something?
2 posts omitted.
That is up to whatever system you are using. Lynxchan just reads them.
Also, if you are clueless about what you are doing, maybe using a webserver to handle ssl is for the best.
HOW do i use a webserver??? When i put apache on the ubuntu install with lynxchan installed, it goes to the apache page. DO i have to move the lynxchan to the apache directory var/www/html/ or something?
I don't know, I don't use webservers.
>>683 yeah, fuck it, its a pain to set up a nginx reverse proxy or some bullshit like that. I guess I will try to find a company and buy the stupid ssl cert instead of using letsencrypt, maybe if I buy one at least I should get the files needed and try using the built in ssl? If anyone did this pls let me know. One super easy way is to use cloudflare.,..one can set up lynx, then put the site on a cloudflare cdn---even the free version of the cloudflare cdn lets you enable ssl from the user to the cloudflare cdn… so even if one does not have ssl at all on your server, it looks like you do and https works with cloudflare cdn, even the free one. No setup of the ssl, no bullshit, its easy to do.

Cat 01/08/2019 (Tue) 08:51:54 Id:a2d2c2 No. 672 [Reply]
for some reason , when i click on an image, it opens it in a new tab instead of resizing it and opening inline on the page.. like if you click on any image..how do i fix that?
also flags are not working either, is there something i have to enable?
annnnd i posted in the wrong board, pls dont ban. sorry
Your js isn't working.

Location flags? Did you install the location data?

It's cool, even if I made a board dedicated to support, I am not that strict to it, it is still on-topic.


no cookies?