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fucking ssl Cat 01/21/2019 (Mon) 20:28:02 Id:c34f0e No. 676 [Reply]
So i have lynx on a bare ubuntu server. How the fuck do i get ssl? do i temporarily install apache, run letsencrypt, then delete Apache or something?
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That is up to whatever system you are using. Lynxchan just reads them.
Also, if you are clueless about what you are doing, maybe using a webserver to handle ssl is for the best.
HOW do i use a webserver??? When i put apache on the ubuntu install with lynxchan installed, it goes to the apache page. DO i have to move the lynxchan to the apache directory var/www/html/ or something?
I don't know, I don't use webservers.
>>683 yeah, fuck it, its a pain to set up a nginx reverse proxy or some bullshit like that. I guess I will try to find a company and buy the stupid ssl cert instead of using letsencrypt, maybe if I buy one at least I should get the files needed and try using the built in ssl? If anyone did this pls let me know. One super easy way is to use cloudflare.,..one can set up lynx, then put the site on a cloudflare cdn---even the free version of the cloudflare cdn lets you enable ssl from the user to the cloudflare cdn… so even if one does not have ssl at all on your server, it looks like you do and https works with cloudflare cdn, even the free one. No setup of the ssl, no bullshit, its easy to do.

Cat 01/08/2019 (Tue) 08:51:54 Id:a2d2c2 No. 672 [Reply]
for some reason , when i click on an image, it opens it in a new tab instead of resizing it and opening inline on the page.. like if you click on any image..how do i fix that?
also flags are not working either, is there something i have to enable?
annnnd i posted in the wrong board, pls dont ban. sorry
Your js isn't working.

Location flags? Did you install the location data?

It's cool, even if I made a board dedicated to support, I am not that strict to it, it is still on-topic.

Cat 01/07/2019 (Mon) 10:34:46 Id:f05962 No. 668 [Reply]
Three things:

1. Are you able to bumplock threads in the latest LynxChan version? I know it's not possible in 2.0.1.
2. Stop requiring users to login to IRC to be able to join #LynxChan, that's retarded.
3. Enable TOR for this chan. It's annoying to have to enable a VPN in order to post anonymously.
1: No.
2: I didn't use to, but there was too much spam going on so I started requiring it.
3: My site is not intended for general use.
1. Why not? It is a very handy feature and shouldn't take much time to code (I don't have enough coding skills to do so myself).
2. I hope you will revert it soon, don't feel like registering for IRC.
3. Exactly, so for the 5 people who visit every month TOR could be interesting no? I sincerely doubt it would cause any problems.
1: Because there is already regular locks, bumplocks are just a way for mods to manipulate users into dropping a topic instead of outright making it clear they don't said topic to be discussed. Is not much different than shadowbanning. People are left with an impression the subject isn't popular when it is being actually censored.

2: Actually, I will try removing it again, if spam comes back I will re-enable it.

3: There are several ways to contact me and the potential problems tor posting could cause seems to be way bigger than a few people not feeling like using any of the available means to contact me.

Cat 01/01/2019 (Tue) 19:00:32 Id:b816b9 No. 656 [Reply]
When viewing a thread, the "Return" link is missing unless you let scripts run.

Why do this? Please make "Return" html, kthx.
What front-end are you using? The placeholder? It is discontinued and isn't related to the engine.
I am using just this site/board. We are considering new software, so I came here to just check it out some.

Lynxhub has no "Return" button. So as I type this, and after submitting it, there is no way to go back to the board.
This site uses the placeholder front-end. I will change it to penumbra when 2.2 enters beta.

Most of the front-end work I've done in the past few years have been on that project.


This is a promo video I made for penumbra, you really should look into it.

Out of curiosity, what other front ends are there? Is there a repository or list of them, or is it more of something you leave the webmasters to create?

Mewch.net admin arrested Cat 01/01/2019 (Tue) 22:20:53 Id:335c83 No. 657 [Reply]
The mewch.net admin was arrested for copyright violation so he shut down his site. Apparently Stephen Lynx turned him in for copying lynxchan. Mwech said his database failed. Nice job, Lynx.

(14.23 KB 1180x616 heroku-node-1.png)
Cat 12/23/2018 (Sun) 13:53:02 Id:cc3f97 No. 650 [Reply]
I was able to install lynxchan on my local server but how would I install it in heroku?
I have absolutely no idea about anything about heroku.

Cat 12/20/2018 (Thu) 14:23:16 Id:361982 No. 648 [Reply]
The installation tutorial video is down
I'd be happy to remake it. If you do have any trouble feel free to ask on this board or on the lynxchan IRC channel.
is it not possible to do on Windows?

(10.96 KB 190x377 philbean.jpg)
Cat 11/28/2018 (Wed) 23:14:49 Id:6a4e0e No. 645 [Reply]
so will we get fortunes by typing #fortune in the email field anytime soon
At most as an addon, but I got other shit to do on the engine.

lynxchan users- READ THIS Cat 10/11/2018 (Thu) 03:46:59 Id:6fc42e No. 630 [Reply]
Hey, admin. Do you do anything to secure mongo db in your setup file? Apparently mongo db is crazy not secure. This article explains why.
(66.07 KB 491x451 npc.png)
Already replied on his other identical thread, check /halp/ or /help/, I don't remember.
toot fix it

(30.90 KB 428x428 1478284997779.jpg)
Cat 09/27/2018 (Thu) 01:02:06 Id:f46ce1 No. 622 [Reply]
My lynxchan instance with the placeholder front end isn't serving the favicon any more (it was yesterday, not sure what changed). The file is still in src/fe/static. Any idea how to fix this?
You need to place the file on gridfs using mongofiles on /favicon.ico
I added it with 'mongofiles put favicon.ico' but it's still not showing up on the site
You forgot to specify a location to be put, it has to be on "/favicon.ico"
That fixed it, thanks a lot


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