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Anonymous 07/31/2019 (Wed) 08:54:40 No. 947
Okay so I am confused as fuck, I have been running into issues with SSL, it runs fine but sometimes shit breaks as in pic related. I am using Ubuntu 18.04 and LynxChan 2.2.9, node 12.0.0

Certificates are from certbot's standalone
To be fair, it could be node's http2 module. I have reported bugs they were able to fix due to my report. I recommend you report the bug in their github repo, from that error the issue doesn't seem to be on my code.

Alternatively, you could just shove a webserver on top of it and let the webserver handle https.

>I have reported bugs they were able to fix due to my report.
Bugs on the http2 module. It seems a bit raw to be fair, I didn't find just one bug.
So my greatest fear would be confirmed, shit.

Too bad, I will have to fine tune the headers with either Apache or Nginx.

I read a few comments on this module, but the module's devs insisted that it had to do with the source code itself. Will review all the instances where http2 is called and make a report, regardless
Tell me what they said.
Op here updating. I could not reliably replicate the error, so would be hard to explain how or what triggered it. However if anyone is experiencing the same problem, I changed http2 for https in workerBoot.js ever since.

Perhaps would be convenient for the main dev to consider doing that in the future releases, while node devs fix their shit
Hm, making http2 optional? It's something to consider for 2.3. Indeed node's http2 (or atleast the compatibility module) seems really spotty.
Implemented on the master branch as an OPT-IN. If node fix their compatibility layer, I will get back at this.
Actually, I just noticed you used node 12 and not the latest version of node 12. Like 12.7.0. That might've been the issue.


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