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(199.88 KB 637x823 yousir.jpg)
Anonymous 07/04/2019 (Thu) 03:25:38 No. 869
What the fug is wrong with this quick reply? I try and most more than like 2 files and the post button goes off the screen and stays there! Is there some way to make the little thumbnails in the quick reply not display? Or be smaller? Or just make it get wider instead of going off the fucking screen?
Also, sometimes when you submit a post it goes off the top of the screen and you have to refresh the page?
I didn't get you tbh.
Thats because thumbnails on this site are literally for ants. size them up to something reasonable or go try on spacechan.
I went and still dont get it.
(354.42 KB 1581x782 1.png)
(385.39 KB 1580x784 2.png)
(397.44 KB 1581x785 3.png)
Here is a demonstration.

1 - I attempt to post 3 pictures on spacechan /b/

2 - Reply button goes off the screen

3 - Clicking on the reply button pushes the quick reply bar off the top of the screen.

4 - After the thread is submitted the quick reply is stuck is stuck off screen. Page must be refreshed.

The quick reply works nearly perfect on this site. Is there no way to make the thumbnails in the quick reply much, much smaller, specifically server side? Because this is really annoying.
(344.46 KB 1578x779 4.png)
Picture #4 was not accepted by the server, here it is.
No, that's entirely on the front-end, on the css. I improved it recently on penumbra to make way more thumbs fit into the posting form. Spacechan haven't updated anything for a while now.
Where can the size of the thumbnails in the quick reply be changed in the CSS?
Nevermind, I figured it out.
New question

Where the fug can I define the distance between thumbnails in the quick reply?

What css file?
you can see what file the element you're changing is in with the browser's inspector


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