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Anonymous 07/02/2019 (Tue) 01:17:58 No. 853
I am having two problems with my installation of Lynxchan, both seemingly random. For some people, all CAPTCHAs expire extremely quickly, seemingly immediately. No cookies captcha can be used. For others it works perfectly. For some people logging into an account does not redirect you to the control panel of the your account from which you can create a board. For others this works perfectly. I am using the most recent stable version of Lynxchan with the Kohlnumbra frontend and the KC addon. These errors have happened to at least two people, myself included and happens on multiple browsers, with multiple IP adresses. Clearing cache, cookies, ect does nothing to fix this.
I fixed the second one. For some reason using https everywhere fixes it. First one still a problem.
OK, even weirder. The problem does not apply when using direct IP connection but doing it through the domain, which uses cloudfare, breaks all the CAPTCHAs and specifically the banner section of global management.
Cookies issues. Keep track of them and you will notice they don't reach users. That's a common issue with people using cloudflare.
Anyway to fix it without just ditching cloudfare? It would be nice is people couldn't mass report our host again.
Yes, people have fixed it before. But I have never used CF before so I don't know how to.
Do you know anyone who might know?
>>853 do you see the set-cookie header in the response when requesting the captcha?


Captcha (required for reports and bans by board staff)

no cookies?