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Dashchan Anonymous 07/01/2019 (Mon) 17:20:24 No. 846
Okay so I want to be able to browse a Lynxcham site with Dashchan, and after some reading I learned to just assign endchan's extension to the url I want to visit. It worked, but I can't post. I get an invalid server response. From what I understand this is some sort of security certificate issue.

Short of making a Dashchan extension (which is beyond me) is there a way to do what I want to do?
No idea, bro. Never used dashchan. Probably it uses the old json api, maybe.
I guess my next question would be, are there any mobile apps for Lynxchan, but I'm assuming not, except for Lynxchan Mobile which seems dead.
You are right.
The alternative being the site using a front-end that is properly adapted for mobile.
It is serviceable. There were some features that Dashchan has that I wanted to take advantage of, but I guess I will make due.
Bernd has implemented the new Lynxchan API for Kohlchan in Overchan. Maybe you can change it to your needs.

It doesn't seem Kohlchan is on their board list.... I installed v1.5.1.


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