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Anonymous 06/29/2019 (Sat) 23:23:50 No. 842
how the fuck do i install addons.
1: copy them to the src/be/addons directory.

2: add their names to the list of addons on the global settings. The name being the name of the addon directory or file.
Example: addon1, addon2.

3: restart the engine.

If the addon doesn't load, enable verbose mode so the error is output.
Trying to install the KC add-on gives me a whole bunch of errors, but the gist seems to be the following:

Error, missing element divHash
Error, missing element lableHash

Page index
Error, missing element linkEngine

What do I do from here?
Check the version of the front-end and the engine you are using. Also, make sure your front-end is compatible with it. That addon require a few extra elements on the front-end.


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