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Restoring Database Lynxchan. Anonymous 06/04/2019 (Tue) 01:21:39 No. 827
I dumped the database with the command "mongodump"on one instance of lynxchan on one server. Then I transfered over the resulting folder "dump" onto another server in which I set up a working instance of Lynxchan. Then I attempted to restore the dump folder by using the following command.
"mongorestore --drop --batchSize=10 -d lynxchan Lynxchan/dump/lynxchan"
this spits out this large pile of errors:
At first I thought it was a conflict with the already existing database on "lynxchan" but trying another database name doesn't fix it and results in the same error.

What do?
No, you got the right idea, it is conflicting with existing data. These errors are due to unique indexes colliding. Drop the database and try again.
I did this:
>use lynxchan
same error
How did you dump it originally? Show me the whole command.
Also try removing the --drop argument, I am not familiar with it. I know that batchsize might be due to low ram, so you can leave that. I don't use it, but I don't know how much ram you have.
I dumped the database with just "mongodump". It gave me a folder "dump" with a sub folder "lynxchan". Without the batch size argument, it fails due to low ram.
Do you know if you accidentaly dumped it twice or something?
Also, did you dumped SPECIFICALLY the lynxchan database?
I think this was the problem, local was excluded. Thanks.


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