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Anonymous 05/12/2019 (Sun) 22:22:48 No. 668
Installing LynxChan on CentOS 7 because the captcha never loads on Ubuntu. Attempting to run the lynxchan package gives me pic related.
What should I do?
Mongo either isn't running or isn't accepting connections on localhost.

Can you connect to it?
What settings do I change to fix this?
None, you have to see what's wrong with mongo. It is probably not running. Unless you intentionally installed on a separate server.
Fixed it, just reinstalled everything and it worked this time. Now I get this error. I am using the default FE.
There is no default FE, only the FE that the setup script installs. What exactly are you using and on what version?
And what version of the engine are you using?
Cent OS 7
Master branch of LynxChan available currently on gitgud
Version Penumbra that the setup script installs, I tried to replace it with the version on gitgud thinking it was outdated but that didn't work.
Go on the lynxchan directory and run git log.
Then go on the penumbralynx directory and run git log too.
Then run git diff on the penumbra directory.
PS: from these specific missing elements, I think that for some reason the template with the posting form couldn't be processed. Was there any other error before this?
No other errors.
git log and on lynxchan shows the latest as being
May 10th 22:03:03 2019, Expanded html escaping.
git log on Penumbra shows the latest as being
April 28th 19:39:08 2019, Fixed bug with edit on the extra menu for replies.
>I think that for some reason the template with the posting form couldn't be processed.
Seems like likely, everything works except for the posting form.
Ok, what about git diff? Anything there?
No output.
Ok, go on src/be/settings/general.json and tell me what's on there, specially fePath.
"port": 8080

I have not changed the settings, and I'm pretty sure that stuff only shows up if you change it, right?
I've got an idea for why this might be happening that I'm going to try out. On this installation, I installed lynxchan, tried it, it didn't work. Then realized i had forgotten to install mongodb and reinstalled lynxchan to get it to its current state. Maybe if I do it in the proper order it'll work out?
What was the path that you checked git log and git diff?
add Lynxchan into the second one, sorry.
Describe the whole install process for the engine. I am running out of ideas here for this to happen and nothing else.
Hold on, I'm trying this. I'll tell you if it doesn't work.
The db has nothing to do with it.
How did you install the front-end? It might be a permission issue. What user is running the daemon?
I have tried both just using the front end as installed by the script and by deleting the fe file, cloning the Penumbra frontend and renaming its containing file "fe". Neither worked. Both gave the same error message.
I am running it with a normal user, no sudo.
But running it as sudo doesn't change it.
Give me a moment to try a fresh install after I have dinner. This is really, really odd.
Ok, when you ran the setup script, did you ask for the stable version?
I just did 'y' for everything.
The engine is on 2.1, but you are trying to use a fe on the 2.2 version. Change the back-end to 2.2 or the fe to 2.1.
Thanks, trying this.
Im pretty sure this is what happened:
You ran the setup script and said y to everything.
The engine and front-end are on 2.1, the latest stable version.
Then you re-installed the front-end but forgot that detail.

I would have picked that up, but the commit message to the latest commit on 2.1 is the same as the master branch because it was a patch to both branches and I didn't ask for the commith hash.
I think it works because it doesn't show any error messages but I can't say for sure because I'm now dealing with an unrelated-to-lynxchan issue of only being able to see sites through localhost and not through the IP for whatever reason. Thanks a ton for the help.
Port is closed.
You were right, forgot iptables was reset when I reinstalled everything. Thank you very much for the help.


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