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Anonymous 04/21/2019 (Sun) 02:10:04 No. 624
The url stops showing the domain when I click on open link in new tab and instead shows my IP. How would I make it so that I it shows everywhere. (sorry for being a dumbass)
I don't get what you mean. When you open what link? Show what everywhere? Where is your ip shown?
When I right click on a link and open it in new tab, instead of my domain it shows my IP. When I just press on a link and not open it in a new tab, it doesn't update the url to show the change (like when I click on the boards link it doesn't set the url to mydomain.com/boards.js)
That is very weird and I don't know what might be. Can I see your site?
I don't know WHAT the issue is, but I know is on your nginx configuration.
Ok, I found out. It's the frame. The frame is being loaded from the ip and port directly, so the links are relative to that.
Any idea how I would fix this?
Don't use a frame.
sorry for my stupidity
Do you see the frame on your front-page? Remove it. Why did you even add that in the first place?
bruh, you redirected with a code 301 to your ip and port? You have any idea how bad you just fucked it up? Now anyone that accessed your site will be permanently redirected to your ip and address.
Yes, that's what I'm trying to fix. Apache and nginx has a .htaccess, I don't know if lynxchan has that.
Lynxchan doesn't. Lynxchan also won't use a 301 redirect, let alone one that redirects to an arbitrary domain. That's on w/e webserver you needlessly put there.
So any idea how I could use my domain instead of my IP in the url bar?
I would make the engine listen on port 80 and remove the webserver. If you KNOW you need the webserver, I'd learn how to configure it to actually forward requests instead of using a redirect.>>639
(104.27 KB 572x621 1555640924984.jpg)
Wait so lynxchan can work with other servers?
I told you, lynxchan IS the server. You can make multiple servers keep forward to different ports, but you don't need them. You could just have lynxchan listening on port 80 directly. You should take your time to learn the basics of this subject.
I'm sorry :/
Don't apologive to me, it's your domain that is being fucked up with a 301 redirect.

This fixed it :). Url showing everything correctly now. Thanks for the help
Protip: you don't need a 4 fucking megabyte image as your logo that shows with less than 300 pixels high.
Ah ok, I was using it as a placeholder anyways


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