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Anonymous 04/13/2019 (Sat) 21:27:55 No. 606
IS there any way to enable global themes on the boards page?
What do you mean?
I cna change the css for themes like jungle, clear, and default; but it doesn't apply that to pages like the board selection page and the about page.
Yeah, that was a bug. Some scripts were not being linked on some pages. I already fixed it on master, lynxhub and 2.1 branches.
>I just fixed it*
Nah i mean it was obviously done intentionally. In the boards.css file the first line is:
/*Elements used exclusively on the board listing*/
That's an entirely different thing.
which .css file is the Default theme?
There is no single css for the default theme. The default theme is just not having any theme overriding the css.


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