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(51.46 KB 1200x800 th2T9CPHDD.jpg)
favicon in lynx Anonymous 01/21/2019 (Mon) 14:26:20 No. 532
i can't change my favicon.ico so i put the favicon.ico in /LynxChan i then run

mongofiles -h localhost -d {dbName} -p 27017 -l {/root/LynxChan/favicon.ico} put favicon.ico

and it says it can not find favicon. Does anyone know wtf i am doing wrong?
I think you fucked up the syntax, read on mongofiles documentation.
dbName of course is not right...what is the default Lynx chan db name? I tried LynxChan and it did not work
(53.95 KB 640x360 3.jpg)
so is all that shit a joke??? I just put the favicon in the static directory and it works now. Why would you tell people that a command is needed??
The default that I ship is lynxchan, not LynxChan.


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