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Cell phones are how people browse Anonymous 01/21/2019 (Mon) 07:12:24 No. 527
Look at the top links in penumbra. On a cell phone it is two lines of garbled shit when viewed from a cell phone. There are too many links there. People MOSTLY browse with phones, and that is an absolute fact. 4chan is mibile friendly, 8chan is bloated and awkward on a phone. The default placeholder like the one you use on this site looks decent on a mobile phone - yet it it is not quite easy and fluid as 4chan on a phone. The state of message boards is interesting- php is RAPIDLY going to shit, it is almost shocking that 4chan uses php yet. Lynxchan is the best. Take away the bloat and lynxchan is the best option by far- it could easily be a commercial product for christ sake. MAKE CHANS GREAT AGAIN god dammit! I am a shitposter and i approve this message.
(960.55 KB 1125x1336 1.png)
this is NOT mobile friendly. Look at the top links. Penumbra is cool on a desktop, it really is but it is broken on mobile phones.
Yup, penumbra doesn't take mobile in consideration at all.
>this is NOT mobile friendly
and that's a good thing


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