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Anonymous 01/19/2019 (Sat) 16:29:35 No. 524
Hi. Using the placeholder front end and going to my site (index.html) can you pls tell me the file to edit the top left (in the address bar where the favicon usually is) it says "My chan" in the address bar and I did not see the title in the html or css. Thanks!
Go to global settings and change the site name.
A little trick that helped me out was using grep/ack if I couldn't find a particular file. For instance the text "Watched threads" you would do a simple "ack watched threads" on the OS of your using.

Also I think GitGud has a good string searching feature that looks through all the files in the repo. Helped me a bit too.
what's the status of the placeholder fe? looks like it last works on 2.1
Discontinued midway to 2.2. However, you could try the lynxhub branch on penumbra if you want what this site uses.


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