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Anonymous 10/11/2018 (Thu) 03:44:21 No. 504
Hey, admin. Do you do anything to secure mongo db in your setup file? Apparently mongo db is crazy not secure. This article explains why.
Mongo is not secure if you make not to be. I don't know about other install methods, but the default on their RHEL repository is secured, it won't allow external connections.

The problem is that most people in IT are completely retarded and left their dbs unsecured.
>>505 yeah, like me. Im a retard. Just thought i would share with ppl, it sucks for new ppl but everyone had to start something new at one point. And if there are security risks that a new person could fall to, well, there should be some instruction in the readme in how to fix the security hole. Not everyone who runs lynxchan is a fucking car mechanic grease monkey or a good server admin. There are different levels of skill in anything. Having an elitist attitude and just saying ppl are retarded, then being too fucking lazy to address real security issues that could effect new people, that is retarded too. So fuck your shit attitude. If you make a product, do it right instead of being a cock sucker elitist in order to be lazy and make excuses for shitty work. Just kidding lol
And that's why I recommend people using CentOS, so the default install is secured.
>>506 Noted :)


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