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front end Anonymous 09/19/2018 (Wed) 19:31:50 No. 491
Okay, seriously here. I really like this placeholder front end. It is fast as fuck, easy on the eyes and reliable. So i use Penumbra Lynx front end, which is different. Is there any way to have the ability to switch to this front end and back and forth? Since PenumbraLynx is different, the themes.js wouldn't quite do the trick to switch to this front end fromPenumbraLynx. Maybe a mod or a future addition to a new version? I would love to be able to switch from the entire PenumbraLynx theme to this placeholder front end back and forth from the board.Just changing the css colors is cool, but the ability for a user to to switch the entire front end instantly from the website itself would be so cool, and it would really be an improvement to make lynxchan even more awesome.
Is not possible for it to change that much. All users must access the same finished page, unless there is a header to dictate that, like the language one is used.

That is because of caching. When you serve two different versions of the same uri you must tell what is the parameter used to change it. It is common for compressed and different language. At most one could use cookies, but cookies vary from user to user because of captcha and authentication.

So yeah, not possible at all.
okay, thanks 4 the reply!


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