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(39.04 KB 937x537 Untitled.png)
8tail Anonymous 09/17/2018 (Mon) 23:01:43 No. 472
half assed got 8tailed lynx FE to work- it boots up and works but shitloads of errors. Can someone pls let me know how i can start to clear the startup errors in the pic?

what i did- downloaded 8tailed lynx from git via sftp. Uploaded the directory to my server, deleted the original FE directory, and renamed the 8tail lynx as FE. (i didn't know if i was supposed to save any of the original files)
it boots up, wow it looks awesome- but shows all the errors .
8tailed lynx is not updated to 2.0.
?? sry i don't kno what you mean. is there another version?
LynxChan versions date way back to 1.0.
The latest stable version is 2.0.
8tailedlynx does not support 2.0 because it wasn't updated after 1.7 or so.
great... so i just wasted like 5 hours. lol thanks for the info tho.


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