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Email Anonymous 09/16/2018 (Sun) 14:00:20 No. 411
I did a fresh install on digital ocean of the latest ubuntu, like 18 (bionic), then added dependancies and set up lynx. There seems to be issues with the board sending emails to new users to verify email/reset acct. Without php / apache set up, is there something else i should install so lynxchan can send emails?
Check your spam directory, I just tested with 2.0.10 using a gmail address and it went there.
i did check spam, nothing. Usually php handles the email, or apache /nginx i am using the latest ver of ubuntu minimal install 18x bionic
Did you open port 25/smtp and is your host allowing for outgoing e-mails?
Ok, hold on. I did found an issue. Ill look into it.
Yeah, there was an issue with account recovery and it would always say your e-mail wasn't confirmed, Pushed to master and 2.0.x, tagged with 2.0.11.


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