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digital ocean Anonymous 06/12/2017 (Mon) 02:56:41 No. 378
So with digital ocean (like linode) one can set up a server droplet in centos, ubantu ect. Digital Ocean also has one quick installs, like lamp, lemp, and even 2 different versions of node.js. So is the one click installs of node.js a good place to start? Also, since digitalocean and linode are both common and popular, couldn't you make a video showing exactly how to set up lyncchan on linode and digitalocean?

Anonymous 06/12/2017 (Mon) 12:05:14 No. 379
I never used their quick installs and I wouldn't recommend it, since it might not install the correct version.

And you just install the same on every single linux distro.

Not to mention I have not only written instructions on the readme, but I have written a install script.

If you are not illiterate, you wouldn't have any issues with that.

And if you are, you have no business running a server.

senseless Anonymous 06/12/2017 (Mon) 16:07:55 No. 380
Everything you need to do is on the command line, which video isn't going to really help you out with.

Don't just fucking ignore the big fucking thing I made to make it easy. >>345

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