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Anonymous 02/19/2016 (Fri) 14:17:39 No. 327
Open file ( 7.47 KB 150x150 marisa03.jpg )
Question: Why does text display under the images instead of next to them? Feature or bug?

I mean, this a really basic feature of the imageboard's interface. This way it looks really weird and forces you to do some extra unnecessary scrolling. Content (images + text) should be displayed together. I can't find any imageboard software that does this and sincerely, it looks awkward.

Do you have any plans on fixing it?

Anonymous 02/19/2016 (Fri) 15:41:40 No. 328
FE detail.
See over endchan.xyz or penumbra.network, their css is not the same.

This FE I use is nothing but a placeholder one, it is meant to be stable and nothing else.

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