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Comprehensive LynxChan Setup Guide 663 11/04/2019 (Mon) 00:26:44 No. 1279
I found that many of the guides out there for LynxChan weren't that great, and weren't very comprehensive, so I wrote one up, hopefully this helps some of you anons with setting up your own imageboards: https://im663.com/post/lynxchan-setup-guide/
>cp fe >cp/edit settings >cd be >npm install >boot.js & disown cf doesn't break lc you don't need a vps
>Ubuntu >not the recommended and only supported CentOS Retard.
CF breaks in some way LynxChan, but the issues in the tutorial can be solved: Problem is, that the original poster IP is replaced by a cloudflare IP (and the original IP will be written in some special HTTP header). If you pay for CF, this can be changed. Other solutions are: - Change request headers with nginx and use set_realip. - Modify LC, that it uses the special HTTP header as origin IP. But captchas break with Cloudflare. They can't be solved, cause Cloudflare fucks up the setting of some needed cookies. I tried different things but nothing helped. Finally I found a workaround to set the needed cookie with the help of nginx, whichs works with cloudflare.
>>1284 >Problem is, that the original poster IP is replaced by a cloudflare IP because you didn't set your shit hence CF doesn't break LynxChan
>>1285 You are wrong.
>>1284 On 2.3 you can set the cf's ip as a trusted ip, so lynxchan will use the forwarded ip instead of cf ip. Until then you had to put a reverse proxy doing that for you, because lynxchan trusts localhost for that header.


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